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How is the shop environment in Sakura Hotel?

Linn 878

Posted by: Linn

How is the shop environment in Sakura Hotel? 
How does it feel like to work with international staffs?
Do you guys get along when working with international staffs?

We get these kind of questions really often.

Let me tell you something, having this kind of international environment is really really awesome. I feel really lucky to have all these people around me!
Needless to say, we do have language barrier sometimes, but an easy gesture like a wink or a  word in either Japanese or English we can easily understand each other! This is what I call human instincts I guess.(Laugh)
Our staffs are...hm how can I describe ourselves?? a little bit [too] friendly,of course in a good way !  maybe you will get surprised when you talk to any of our staffs! there are still possibilities that we can not understand what you really want to tell us! but we will do our best to make you feel like home!
international 2.JPG
Let me show you a picture of how it is like to work with us!
I believe you can tell  that [We are always high] by having a slight glance at the picture.
Although there is a little bit of barrier language barrier here, but hope we can satisfy all your needs  with our passionate hospitality!  

Come by the reception when you need some suggestions of places to visit! or have a little chat with us!




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