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Kamakura-SAKURA HOTEL Jimbocho Blog

Bruno 774

Posted by: Bruno

Kamakura is a traditional city located in Kanagawa prefecture.

This city is small and plenty of history. The most important and famous  thing is its great Budha with a height of 13,35 meters.

This statue was cast in 1252 and originally located inside a temple. However that temple was destroyed several times, from 1495 is located in a open space.

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Origami Event @ Sakura Cafe!

Linn 771

Posted by: Linn

Hello all!
Yesterday we had our event at Origami Event at Sakura Cafe Jimbocho.
It had been awhile since our last event so I was very excited.
The event turned out to be a great success!


Introducing our lovely teacher, Nomura-san who is one of our staff members! 
Love this shot of her having a great time.


Here you can see me struggling to keep up with our young participants..
You can see that they are quite further ahead of me.


We made decorations for the Hinamatsuri event coing up in March...


Sumo Wrestlers that actually fight...


As well as your basic paper cranes and shurikens. 


I want to thank everyone who helped with and participated in this event.
Everyone had a lovely time, especially myself!
I hope that you will all join us again when we hold another event like this in the future.

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Retro video games shop (Akihabara)-SAKURA HOTEL Jimbocho Blog

Bruno 770

Posted by: Bruno

Yesterday I visited the Akihabara's electric town, and could see so many curious things.

Today I would like to talk about one of those special shops you can find there: The super potato (スパッポテト)。


Have you ever heard about it?  It is famous for being the biggest retro consoles and video games in Japan. 


For those who miss their past days playing this video games should go and take a look here ^^ 

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ORIGAMI Workshop today!!

Hitoshi 769

Posted by: Hitoshi

Today, ORIGAMI waorkshop will be held in SAKURA HOTEL JIMBOCHO!!


I also try to lean ORIGAMI, what i will be able to make??
Let's joying with us !!

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Fastest ramen-SAKURA HOTEL Jimbocho Blog

Bruno 768

Posted by: Bruno


Hope everything is going well today. 

Do you like ramen? For those who love it like I do, you may find this really convenient for those moments you want to eat ramen in a cheap, fast and delicious way at the same time:D

Expending machine.jpg
Don't get surprise if you find these ramen expending machine!! In Japan everything you can imagine you can find it!!

Expending machine1.jpg
Don' hetsitage to try it please^^  

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Shinjuku (新宿)-SAKURA HOTEL Jimbocho Blog

Bruno 767

Posted by: Bruno

Shinjuku, with its busiest train station in all the world, it's a crowded area that you may even find it a bit noisy...but amazing at the same time!!!

Here you will find everything you can imagine about a modern and busy area!

One of the options Shinjuku brings you and I recommend you is visiting the tokyo Metropolitan building.

Shinjuku skyscrapers.jpg
The view from the top of the building are awesome^^

And for those who like to visit relaxing places and want to disconnect, then you musn't lost the chance to visit the Shinjuku Gyoen, one of the most beautiful parks in all Japan.

Shinjuku is just 15 min by train from Sakura hotel Jimbocho, so if you are staying with us, 
don't lost the opportunity to visit it!!!!

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Maratona di Tokyo fra poco!

Takeshi 766

Posted by: Takeshi

In Italia c'e' la mezza maratona di roma-ostia,ossia la mezza maratona piu' partecipata

in Italia.

nel 2009 ho partecipato anch'io,la bella corsa,correre diritto verso il mare

invece nello stesso giorno c'e' la maratona di tokyo

iniziano dal edificio metropolito del governo di tokyo a Shinjyuku,

passa vivino a palazzo imperiale(dove c'e' Sakura hotel Jimbocho).

poi corrono fino a Shinagawa poi ritorna alla zone di Ginza(quasi 20 km).

riparte per la zona di Asakusa(andata e ritorno)poi alla fine corre per Odaiba

dove c'e' Tokyo Big Site(per il trionfo)

http://www.tokyo42195.org/pdf/map_2009.pdf (per il dettaglio)

sempre si tiene all'ultima domenica di febbraio

correre con tanta fatica e impegni e sacrifici,aspetta la primavera!!

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Tonyu Nabe (豆乳 鍋)- SAKURA HOTEL Jimbocho Blog 

Bruno 764

Posted by: Bruno

Yesterday I had the pleasure to eat this soy milk hot pot, which is delicious. I would like to invite you to try it sometime!!! The taste is AWESOME :D


The sauce of this nabe is made with toy milk ,sake and sesame oil, but in Japan, the most convenient country, you can find it already prepared in the markets.


So you just need to boil this soup and add the ingredients you like it. 

The most popular are tofu, shitake mushrooms, onions, carrots, long leeks, daikon, shrimps, meat and fish,


Doesn't sound great???

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Osaka castle ( 大阪城) - SAKURA HOTEL Jimbocho Blog

Bruno 763

Posted by: Bruno

Today I would like to introduce you the Osakajo, one of the most famous castles in Japan.

This castle was built between 1583 and 1598, when it was completed. During its history, it has being attacked and burnt several times. Its last reconstruction has been in 1995.

Nowadays you can visit the castle and access inside to its museum for a entrance fee of 600!!!!

Imperial palace Tokyo.jpg

If you are in Tokyo, you can also visit Koukyo (Tokyo Imperial Palace) where there used to be the EDO castle from Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

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★Recommended Convenience Store Goods by Linn★

Linn 762

Posted by: Linn


Hello all!
Thank you for waiting everyone! Today I am bringing back my popular corner
Recommended Convenience store goods by Linn Takeuchi.
Today, I am introducing this corner in <big><big><big>Japanese and English. </big></big></big>
I wonder if you will understand?

Today I am introducing this item!!!


あーもう春ですね。。。 一年過ぎるのが本当に早い!

This is a drink from Suntory Gokuri called "Peach of Spring"
Even the design of the bottle is adorable.
Ah... its almost spring again... This year has gone by so quickly!

一口飲むと。。。 ま、まるで白桃をそのまま食べてる見たいな!
これは素晴らしい! 日本のフルーツの値段が高くてあまり変えない私には
贅沢な気分が味わえました^^ あはは

Upon taking a sip... It`s almost like eating an actual peach!
Its quite amazing. Since the fruits in Japan are so expensive and I can`t always buy them,
I was able to enjoy the fresh taste of a peach without paying for it... Ahaha..

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