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Big Japan Pro Wrestling

Bruno 745

Posted by: Bruno

Have you ever heard about Big Japan Pro Wrestling?

This is a hard-hitting, violent and bloody style wrestling known as the deathmatch. 


During these matches, fighters can use all kind of weapons, like chairs, sticks...

They are coming to Tokyo this week, February 2nd!! For those who like this fighting battles shouldn't lose that change to watch them in live^^

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A piece of paper and...Origami!!

Bruno 744

Posted by: Bruno

Origami is a traditional Japanese art of paper folding. 

In Japan is so popular, that everybody knows how to do some figures, something that surprised me a lot at first. Then, I realized in Japan, children learn this art in the kinder garden school.

At first they learn basic things like this:


But some skilful people can do awesome figures:

I am impressed about what they can do with a piece of paper!! 

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Do you like to eat "o Bento"?

Bruno 742

Posted by: Bruno

As everybody knows, o bento is a traditional way to carry the food everywhere. But nowadays there are so many new different modern styles that are so cute!!

 I really like these designs, as many other beautiful desserts and food, even somtimes you can regret to eat such a cute thing!

Do you like them? You should try it sometimes^^

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Maneki Neko = Lucky cat

Bruno 740

Posted by: Bruno

Do you know this famous cat?

It's so famous in Japan, and even all around the world.This is a Japanese sculpture, made of ceramic but also can be made by plastic and other materials. It is said that this sculture will bring good luck to its owner.

As this cat is getting older, its shapes and colours and from are changing, and know they can be even electric. don't get surprise if you see this cat moving its arm as if it was bowing^^

Nowadays this cat became so popular in China that many people believe that its origin comes from China... But this is a 100% Japanese cat;)  

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¿ Por que no comer algo de sashimi?

Bruno 739

Posted by: Bruno

Hola amigos,

El otro día os hablé del sushi, pues hoy toca el sashimi.


Aún siendo un amante del sushi, tengo que reconocer que hay veces que me apetece tomar sashimi.


Sashimi es un plato de pescado crudo, normalmente acompañado de Daikon ( Nabo) cortado en hilos y cualquier otra decoración como flores comestibles, como podeis ver en esta foto... Pero lo que nunca puede faltar es el wasabi y la salsa de soja:)

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Our friends from Spain

Bruno 738

Posted by: Bruno


The weather in Tokyo is sunny again:)) I love sunny days!!

Tomorrow our friends from Spain will leave our hotel. They have been here for one week and we spent good moments together.

Those guys are brothers and they come  from a small village close to Barcelona.

They are impressed with the high technology they could find in Tokyo, specially in places like Akihabara, so we are sure they will be back someday^^  

We hope they have a good flight and hope to see them again;)

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Gran neve a Tokyo!

Takeshi 737

Posted by: Takeshi

ieri(23 Gennaio) a Tokyo,e' nevicato un sacco!
Per la prima volta a quest'anno,accumurata la neve!


per terra ,la mattina sara' ghiacciato che pericoloso!


Quando ero piccolo,mi divertivo con la neve,ma adesso mi preoccupo di andare in ufficio o se i mezzi funzionano.....vuol dire che mi sono invecchiato!!!!

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Do you like sushi?

Bruno 736

Posted by: Bruno

Japan, as everyone knows, is famous for a lot of things, and one of those things is sushi.

I've always liked sushi, but the best sushi I've ever tried has been in Japan.

Here, there is a kind of sushi restaurant called Kaiten-zushi. In these restaurants the sushi dishes are already prepared and they are circulating through the table. This is great for people like me who doesn't know the fish name^^ But when I see them It's easy to chose.

Also dishes have different colours depending on their prices 

Kaiten sushi.jpg

Which is your favourite one? It's so difficult choice. I like specially toro. the fatty part of the tuna.



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Hakuba ski resort

Bruno 735

Posted by: Bruno

Hola amigos,

Hoy unos huéspedes se han marchado a Hakone. Hakone es una estación de esquí  situada en la perfectura de Nagano, Su nombre (白馬) significa caballo blanco y se debe a la forma que toma la ladera cuando está nevada.

Para ir hay un bus que sale de Shinjuku, y tarde 3 hores y 45 minutos. 

Esta estación de esquí ofrece la posibilidad de visitar uno de sus onzens que, por lo general abren 24 horas al día en temporada de invierno, ideal para entrar en calor después de un largo día bajo los preciosos paisajes nevados que nos ofrece.

Onzen hakuba.gif

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energetic drinks in Japan

Bruno 733

Posted by: Bruno


Yesterday I felt quiet tired, so I thought an energy drink would be the solution. 

In Japan energetic drinks are really popular and there is a big variety. You can buy them in many shops and they are usually cheaper than other energetic drinks like red bull.

Specially, I like the energy drinks based on video games likes these ones:


These ones advertised by the Dragon ball characters are very popular! They are so cool!!

dragon ball.jpg

Another curious drink, but not useful is called UKO.


This drink avoids you to have hangover, so it's the perfect solution if you drink the last night and need to be fresh the next morning. I tried and I can say it's work^^

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