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Happy New Years Eve!

Linn 707

Posted by: Linn

It is 8:00PM here in Japan and close to New Years.
How is everyone spending their night?
I.. am working...
But as I work, I am watching the Red and White show on the television in the cafe.
Just watching this show quite puts me in the New Years mood.


Every year the most popular artists of the year come together to put on this legendary show.
It is said to be an honour in an artists career to be able to perform on this show, ]
because of it`s nationwide reach and broadcasting.

How are you spending your New Years Eve?

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★ Hi no Yohjin ★

Linn 705

Posted by: Linn

Around this time of year you can hear people shouting outside--
"Hi no yohjin!!"
While clinking together wooden sticks. 
When people in Japan hear this, we often think, "Oh its that time of year again.."
Do you know what this is?


It basically means "Be careful of fire!".
This tradition began long ago in the Edo era, where the adults of the neighbourhood would patrol the streets shouting this during the season where matchsticks were most used. 
It was important to give this warning as most homes in Japan back then were made of wood/paper and could easily catch on fire.


Even now, this tradition is still carried on in modern times. 
Yesterday, our manager patrolled the streets with the other shopkeepers in the Jimbocho area shouting "Hi no Yohjin!"


I apologize for the blurry pictures...
But you can see how we have replaced the paper lanterns originally used for something a little more modern-- flashlights. They look quite like light sabers, actually. 

Thanks for reading!

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Kuro Uron Cha!

Hitoshi 703

Posted by: Hitoshi

Dear friends and customers,
Some of you guys who have travelled already in some Asian countries, including Japan, might probably had already the opportunity to taste some Uron Cha...which is actually black tea, from China.
In Japan, you can find it in both big or small bottles, and people usually drink it during the meals.

Lately, a new kind of Uron Cha has appeared in supermarkets: Kuro Uron Cha, which means black uron cha....the difference with the normal one is that the leaves inside are stronger, so they have a higher benefit on health....!

Check out the picture of the small Uron Cha bottle
kuro uron tcha 001-thumb-260x348.jpg

Super great taste.......!!!!

And behind the bottle, they explained the good effect of the Uron leaves!
kuro uron tcha 002-thumb-260x348.jpg

This strong black tea helps you to clean your stomach and digestive tube, it drinks the oil you might eat through oily food, and helps you to loose weight if you are on diet!

I highly recommend it everybody, it's a fresh feeling during the meals, and it's good for your health!

Thank you Kuro Uron Cha

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Guest Introduction!

Linn 702

Posted by: Linn

The other day our guest Kyle left for home...! 
So sad..


He was very outgoing and so easy to talk to!
His hometown is California.
After chatting with him for a bit I realized how similar my hometown of Canada and the United States are.

The culture, food, environment...
It is really not too different. 
Just thinking of it made me a little homesick!

Anyway, have a safe trip home! Hope to see you back here at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho soon! 

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Do you believe superstitions?

Linn 697

Posted by: Linn


There are a lot of superstitions in Japan.

For example...

"When you see a funeral car, hide your thummbs."
"If you cut your nails at night, you will not be with your parents when they die."
"Hide your bellybutton if you hear thunder, or the god of thunder will steal your bellybutton."

And so on.

There are reasons for each superstitions.
"When you see a funeral car, hide your thummbs."

There is a dead body in the funeral car.
To point at it is bad manners.

"If you cut your nails at night, you will not be with your parents when they die."
Long ago, there wasn't enough light.
People use candles.
if they cut their nails in the dark, they might have cut themselves and can't work.

"Hide your bellybutton if you hear thunder, or the god of thunder will steal your bellybutton."


If it thunders, it will rain hard also.
And the temperature will drop rapidly.
So, you have to wear warm clothes as to not catch a cold.

I understand these.
However, I have one superstition that I can't understand.

"You can eat food off the floor if it's less than three seconds"


We call it "the three second rule".
Nobody does it now.

I think that it means "Don't cast away foods".
However, I can't understand why it became popular.

If you find a child doing it in Japan, please don't think "Japanese are crazy!"


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International Exchange!

Linn 696

Posted by: Linn

Yesterday, we had a small gathering in our cafe for our guests and friends in the area.
It is really interesting to get our guests together once in awhile,
and meet people from all around the world. 
I think it is my favourite part of this job!


It was actually quite a coincidence, as two of our guests that joined us yesterday happened to be from the same country and state!
... I suppose that`s what they mean when they talk about a small world.


A couple people from a local television company came around and interviewed some of our guests.
It was a perfect opportunity for them, as well as a very interesting experience for those who participated.
I want to sincerely thank everyone that came yesterday. It was a lot of fun! I hope in the future to plan more casual events such as this one.

Thanks for reading!

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New Christmas Menu!

Linn 695

Posted by: Linn

Since the other day, we have introduced a new Christmas menu in our cafe...

Candy Cane Hot Milk!

Last month I mentioned in this blog post that to my surprise, 
most Japanese people were not aware of the existence or significance of candy canes.
So, to introduce this candy to everyone this season,
we came up with a very Christmasy menu.


Isn`t it beautiful?
To drink it, you can stir the candy cane into the hot milk
and slooowly let it melt.
The drink is sweet, warm, and very comforting.
The peppermintuy taste gives a kick to the creamy milk.
You can have this drink at our cafe for 400 yen♪

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Linn 694

Posted by: Linn

One tourist said me, "Kanji is cool!"

Japanese Kanji

Last few years, Kanji tatoo is very popular.
But, be careful.

I saw a man has Kanji tatoo in Thailand.
hat Kanji is "冷奴"

"冷" = Cool
"奴" = Guy

But "冷奴" is not "Cool guy".
It's  meaning "Tofu (Japanese food)" 


Cool guy



It's big different !
Please  ask Japanese if you want Kanji tatoo.

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Breakfasts around the world!!!

kuwahara 692

Posted by: kuwahara

Do you eat breakfast every morning? 
I do!!! My day never starts without eating something in the morning.
I would love to have traditional Japanese breakfast with rice, miso soup and 
grilled fish, but sadly, because I always struggle to get up in the morning, 
I can't afford to wait the fish to be grilled... 


I wonder what people in other countries have for their breakfast...
Here are some that I have checked out on internet.
I've just randomly picked up some countries, so if your country is not introduced, 
please let me know your country's traditional breakfast.

【 English Breakfast 】

I tried it when I was in England - it was really nice, but was a bit too much for me...!


【 Hawaiian Breakfast 】
Hawaiian usually have lots of fresh fruits in the morning.


【 Australian Breakfast 】
Toast with Vegemite! The other day, one of our guest from Australia gave me 
a piece of toast with Vegemite, and I quite liked it!


【 French Breakfast 】
Croissant and cafe au lait - I love fresh-baked croissant!!!


【 Indian Breakfast 】
Indian usually have "paratha" for their breakfast, which is made from whole wheat.
We at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho also serves this paratha as "Oriental set" !!!


【 Bolivian Breakfast 】
Bolivian people usually have "Saltena" for breakfast -
it is kind of bread with chicken or beef stuffing in it. Mmm!!!


【 Russian Breakfast 】
Russian pancake is often eaten in the morning in Russia.
It contains loads of mascarpone cheese. Yummy!


And finally, don't forget our nice breakfast!!!
Every morning from 5am to 11am at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho
we are serving "all you can eat" breakfast for 315 yen.


You get toast, today's soup, coffee and tea as much as you want!

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