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Hitoshi 672

Posted by: Hitoshi


Have you ever heard of ''Japanese tea ceremony'' ?
It is a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation
and presentation of "Matcha", powdered green tea.
Last night, we've tried to make this.



Actually there are many delicate rules of behavior and stories,,,,,,
how dose it taste??
It is very strong green tea.....
Please ask us when you are staying at our Hotel,
we will serve you if you are interested in it!

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Christmas decorations!

Maria 671

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

Yesterday we put up all the Christmas decorations!
Look how pretty they are!!!



The Ginger Men are very happy!

Look at their happy faces!

We also baked scones!!

And Johrel gave us home-made cookies as a present!

All and all yesterday was a really nice day :)

Until next time.

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Maria 670

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

Ok, here we go again!
One of my AWESOME lunch guides. 

Today I will introduce you to Tan-Chan!
Yes, it's noodles again... But noodles are so great!

This is Tan-Chan (Also known as Tanmen...tan-chan is just a name
we have given it here at Sakura, so don't order Tan-chan at the restaurant
...I can not guarrantee your safety...)

This is Tan-chan!

tan-chan 001.jpg

She is HUGE!

tan-chan 005.jpg

I couldn't even finish half!
If you are REALLY hungry, this is the dish for you. It's only 650yen!!


Until next time.

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A magical stone that cures illness

Hitoshi 669

Posted by: Hitoshi

A magical stone that cures illness.
Sounds like a fairytail but such stone exists in Japan!

The name of the stone is "Hokutoseki"
The Hokutoseki can only be found in Taiwan and Tamagawa onsen in Akita prefecture, Japan.
Magazines introduce the stone as "Good for health", "Cures illness", so it became famous.


There is a scientific proof that the Hokutoseki is good for health. Unfortunately, you cannot take the stones home because they are protected by government.


Since you cannot take them home, people go to the Tamagawa onsen for their good health or wish to be cured whatever illness they may have.
They lie on the ground so they would feel the "power" of the stone.



Looks a bit strange doesn't it?

Don't worry, it is not a cult.
I don't know how good it is, but since it's good for health, I'd like to go there some day.

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New help staff!

Maria 667

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

Today a new (help) staff member came to Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!
His name is Gingerman Welch and he's from Wales! (appropriately...)  

He has been very productive even for his first day!
He answers the phone...


He helps out at breakfast with the toast. He particularly likes jam, so we let him try some of ours..


He also made today's breakfast soup!...

He is very friendly, so he made new friends fast!...

Who can resist his friendly face?

That's all for now.
Until next time


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Face mask

kuwahara 666

Posted by: kuwahara

When you look at a person, what do you look at?
According to a book, Japanese people look at a person's eyes, and Westerners look at their lips/mouth.
Therefore, Japanese people don't usually wear sun glasses.
They feel that not showing their eyes would be impolite.


Unlike the Westerners, the lips are part of their expression, so they don't cover their mouth.


You'd probably see a lot of people wearing face masks in the winter.
It may look strange but it is very usual for Japanese people wear a face mask in everyday life.


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Today's Lunch

Hitoshi 665

Posted by: Hitoshi

Hello. This is Johrel.

I was walking around Jimbocho area to find a place for lunch and I found this little place that sells Sushi bowl.
It's only about 6 minutes walk from Sakura Hotel.


The name of the place is Donmaru. They only do take outs

They have many varieties of sushi bowl.

The price is only 525 yen!


This is what I had for lunch. It's Chirashi don.

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Staff introduction!

Maria 664

Posted by: Maria

Hello, my name is Johrel (pronounced as jor-el). 
It's been about 3 years since I started working at Sakura Hostel Asakusa. 
Now I'm working temporarily at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho.
The staff here are very friendly and kind which makes it easier for me to work.

A bit more about myself... I'm Japanese, Filipino and Spanish mix. 
I was born in the Philippines but I grew up in Japan. 
Unfortunately, I cannot speak Tagalog (Filipino language), but I can speak English and Japanese.

Here are some of the things I enjoy doing when I have free time:

* Taking photographs
* Going to the gym and work out
* Designing websites, posters
* Cooking
* Watching movies
* Surfing the web

Due to my dad's job, I've lived in several countries (Dubai, North Yemen, Philippines, US). 
I came back to Japan 5 years ago from the US (Rhode Island) 
where I spent 7 years. 
I really enjoy being in a place where many different cultures meet in one place. 
Sakura Hotel is great because we have people coming from many different countries 
and so far I enjoy it!

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Japanese apples...

Maria 663

Posted by: Maria

They are HUGE!!!

Apple 001.jpg

Just to give you an idea of HOW HUGE they are, have a look!

Apple 003.jpg


Apple 002.jpg

That's all for today.
Until next time.


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