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Back to business!

Maria 555

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

As you may have heard Japan's tourism took a great toll after the Great Kanto Earthquake. 
It dropped by over 65% this year and many businesses have been heavily affected.
Now, four months have passed since the earthquake and we are finally back to business!
For the next week we are FULLY BOOKED!!! 


It feels like it has been forever since we were this busy so I feel a bit rusty and it's way too hot, but our guests are back! Today's breakfast was quite lively! 
I have been looking forward to meeting people from all over the world again, so


Thank you for choosing Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!
We will always welcome you with a smile!

Until next time.

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Firework memorial.

Maria 554

Posted by: Maria

Hello all.
Yesterday there was a big firework festival in Shinjuku, the "Meijijingu Gaien Hanabi Taikai" (神宮外苑花火大会). They shot 10,000 fireworks into the Tokyo night sky. 


Yesterday was also the 66th memorial day of when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. 

The Genbaku Dome is still there to let people remember the past and what once was.
The dome and this day however, is not only to remember the past and mourn the lost, it also celebrates peace. 

The Peace Memorial Park.

Until next time.

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Summer Beach Resort!

kuwahara 553

Posted by: kuwahara

It's August! 
It's the midst of summer - a swimming season!

I've checked out for the popular beach resorts,
and here are the top three!

The most popular beach resort is Bali Island.

The second is Maldives.

And the third is Hamilton Island of Australia.
The name of the beach is "White Heaven Beach".
No wonder why!

Where would you recommend?
Please let me know your best beach resort!


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Mexican delight!

Maria 552

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

We had some lovely girls from Mexico visiting us here at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho last week.
And they were ever so kind to give us an insight of some traditional Mexican drinks!
As you know Tequila is a Mexican alcohol, and we wanted a summer drink for our new menu.
We were pleasantly surprised by this simple but delicious drink.

5996753788_7fdb9cfd93 (1).jpg

Charro Negro (500 yen)

Have you ever tried it? It's a tequila and coke based cocktail with lime and a hint of salt! 

If you have the time to come by, please have a try! 

Thank you girls!

Until next time.

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Maria 551

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

Have you ever tried a beer called Honey Dew? 
I used to drink this beer all the time when I was living in the UK. One of my all time favourites!
And we FINALLY got it at Sakura Cafe Jimbocho!!!

Honey Dew is the UK's most popular organic beer with a light golden body with a zesty edge and a bitter-sweet flavour. A hint of honey feels like a summer breeze.

I definitely recommend this beer! Have a go!

Until next time!

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Nikko da scoprire

Takeshi 549

Posted by: Takeshi

ciao a tutti
2 giorni fa sono stato a Nikko,si trova al nord di Tokyo,2 ore con  treno.
quando vogliono respirare un po di aria fresca,
vi consiglio di visitare questo paese splendido.

come vedete l'immagine sopra,uno dei monumenti famosi e' Tosyogu.
il tempio sintoistico che fu costruito per lo spirito di Ieyasu Tokugawa,
il fondatore del governo Edo(1603-1867)anche il patrimonio dell'umanita.

nella zona dove c'e' Tosyogu,ci sono altro tempio sintoista si chiama
Hutarasan Jinjya,e altro tempio di buddista si chiama Rinouji.
anche sono il patrimoni dell'umanita.

Questa zona,si puo' visitare anche a piedi dalla stazione di Nikko(sia JR che Tobu)
circa 30 minuti,con l'autobus circa 5 minuti(190yen)
pero' per visitare altra zona di Nikko e' conveniente acquistare pass

prossima volta,vi informo altra zona di Nikko,lago Tyuzenji ciao

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Paintings of Kai Higashiyama

kuwahara 548

Posted by: kuwahara

Have you ever heard of Kai Higashiyama?
He was a famous Japanese painter of Showa Period.

Here are two of his well known paintings of a white horse:



I really think his paintings have some kind of transparencies 
which make people feel refreshed and purified.

What do you think?
What impressions do you get from these paintings? 

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8月が来た! August has Come.

Hitoshi 546

Posted by: Hitoshi

August has come at last.

Unfortunately many Fire works are discontinued....

However one of the biggest fire works will be held.
The name is ''Sumida river fire works''.

It is on 27th Aug! Don't miss it !

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Fuji Rock!

Maria 545

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

Summer season is festival season!
Fuji Rock Festival kicked off the season last Friday with a three day rock frenzy hullabalooza! 
Bands such as The Chemical Brothers, Coldplay, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (etc.) were just few of the vast line up that covered the full three days. 

Last week we had the Spanish band OBRINT PAS  over here at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho that were to play at Fuji Rock!  I wonder how they did? We also had several guests who went to the festival.

I myself will be going to Summer Sonic this month so see one of my all time favourite Japanese bands, X Japan!

Look forward to my report on that! 

Until next time.

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