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German Literature

kuwahara 511

Posted by: kuwahara

As you may know, Jimbocho is very famous for books, 
with many publishers, book stores and antiquarian book stores.


I, having studied German literature as my major at the university, 
am very fond of reading books, and am so happy to be working in Jimbocho.

Here are some German literatures that I really love:
  "Fabian" by Erich Kätner 
  "Die Frau ohne Schatten" by Hugo von Hofmannstahl
  "Gertrud" by Herman Hesse
  "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka
  "Rhapsody" by Arthur Schnitzler
If you have a chance to find any of these books, do try them!

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Tinto de verano

Maria 510

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

From today we are selling a very dear drink of mine here at Sakura Cafe Jimbocho.

The Spanish summer veteran "Tinto de Verano"! 
Tinto de Verano means something in the lines of "red wine of summer", which is a very appropriate name to this simplified version of Sangria. 
I spent many a hot summers sipping on this cool, refreshing drink, dreaming away to exotic


It's is a personal recommendation for anyone who likes wine and all that comes with it.

Give it a try!

Until next time

Sakura Hotel/Cafe  Jimbocho
Address:  2-21-4 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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fax  +81-3-3264-2777

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Go-ya update 3

Maria 509

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

Our Goya-curtain is slowly but steadily growing. 
We finally got the net up so that it can grow more
curtain like!



That's all for now!

Until next time

Sakura Hotel/Cafe  Jimbocho
Address:  2-21-4 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
tel  +81-3-3261-3939
fax  +81-3-3264-2777

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Amazing Character lunch box !! (chara ben)

kuwahara 508

Posted by: kuwahara

Hi, this is Tomoyuki.Today is my last day to work here at Sakura hotel Jimbocho.

Have you ever heard the word chara ben (character lunch box)?

It is lunch box formed animation and comic book's characters.
Usually, what do you imagine when you hear lunch box ? 
White rice with pickled plum (umeboshi), sweet rolled egg, or deep-fried chicken ?
Mothers began making this type of lunch box to delight their children when they open their lunch boxes.
Recently not only their mothers, but also their fathers start to make it.

ご飯.JPG   totoro1.jpg   アンパン.jpg

sirayuki.jpg   キャプテン.jpg   リラックマ.jpg

totoro2.jpg   スタバ.jpg   女.JPG

                                mononoke.jpg                   ゴルゴ.jpg

They are too beautiful and artistic to eat aren't they ?
Why don't you challenge this, if you have an opportunity.

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World Heritage Site: Ogasawara Island

kuwahara 503

Posted by: kuwahara

Ogasawara Island, a Japanese island in the Pacific Ocean, 
was registered as World Heritage Site at last! 




The island is well known as "Galapagos of the Orient",
because it has such a spectacular nature with hundreds of endemic species. 

There also are 57 endangered species living on the island, 
such as black-footed albatross and bonin fruit bat.

                                     [ Black-Footed Albatross ] 

                                                 [ Bonin Fruit Bat ]

There probably will be more and more tourists visiting the island after this registration,
so the conservation of ecosystem and wildlife will be the important issue for the island.
Not an easy problem to solve, but we really have to face it in all seriousness.

I would love to visit this place someday!

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Cool pictures

Irina 502

Posted by: Irina

Hello, how are you today ? It's very hot today isn't it ?
we have many cool pictures which maybe make you cooler below.

     ice                                    water                            ice cream

氷.jpg mizu.jpg aisu.jpg                                                             
 kakigoori (crushed ice)              water melon                           ocean

kakigoori.jpg    suika.jpg    umi.jpg                                                                                                       
 somen (thin white noodle)                pool                                      wind bell            

soumenn.jpg       pool.jpg    風鈴.jpg

Did you get cooler ?


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Treats from Iwaki!

Maria 501

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

I hope the weather in Tokyo is not getting the best of you yet!

Yesterday one of the lovely ladies that keep Sakura Hotel clean everyday brought
us some delightful traditional sweets from Iwaki, one of the largely affected areas of the Great Kanto Earthquake. It is a kind of hard to explain this sweet but it's similar to a soft cookie with anko paste in the middle. 

The box and cover papers were also very nice.


All pieces with a separate illustration. 


It was a nice (super) sweet uplift and inspiration to see that even though those in the affected areas re still working hard to restore towns and their homes, they still endeavour to keep local traditions and products.  
Makes one think of hope and put a little more faith in humans.

That's all for now.

Until next time

Sakura Hotel/Cafe  Jimbocho
Address:  2-21-4 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
tel  +81-3-3261-3939
fax  +81-3-3264-2777

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Noodles for Summer !

Maria 500

Posted by: Maria

Hello, this is Sakura hotel Jimbocho staff, Tomoyuki.

How are you today ? 
According to the weather report, the highest temperature will be up to 31℃.
Can you believe this ? It's still June !!
Well, what would you like to eat such a hot day ?
Probably cold noodles, right? We Japanese eat cold noodles below in summer and overcome this weather.
If you haven't tried yet, why don't you try them this summer ??

    SOBA(buckwheat noodles)                                     UDON (wheat noodles)

  zarusoba.jpg                                  うどん.jpg                                                          

  SOMEN( thin white noodles)                                       REIMEN(cold nodles)                                                                                                          
  そうめん.jpg                                   蔵冷麺~1.JPG     

Even you don't have appetite, you should eat meals as usual, or you will get ill.
Enjoy the noodles above and Take care of yourself v('▽^*)


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Modelling opportunity

Maria 499

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

This is Maria retaking her blog back! 
Yesterday, something extremely random (well maybe not that random for Japan).
If you are familiar with Tokyo and the location of Sakura Hotel Jimbocho, you would
know that we are located in the smack centre of big companies. 
One of these companies is one of Japan's largest publications: Shueisha

Shueisha releases anything from famous manga such as One Piece to fashion magazines.
They are also, believe it or not, the publisher of Japanese PlayBoy... WOW! And to think they
are JUST around the corner of this hotel!

So! Yesterday, a guy from PlayBoy dropped (randomly) by the hotel looking for a male foreigner  to do a small photo shoot. He wanted to ask the foreign guests staying at the hotel, 
so we gave him a hand. 
We found the perfect guy! Mr. C! (You know who you are!)
And to my surprise, they asked ME to model too!!!
Which was the most surprising bit as the piece was on "Hoso Macho" or "Slim Macho" ( a popular phenomenon among Japanese men these day. I like how they kind of try to justify being skinny!). And I am DEFINITELY far from skinny...or macho...ok maybe a little macho. 

Anyway, Mr. C and I were taken to the DEPTH of Shueisha, into a small room, where the photographer finished the job in about 15min. 




This was the fastest and most pain free shoot I have ever been to! And the best thing, we got paid! 

The article will be published in next issue of PlayBoy (oh, if you're wondering...No nudity!)
so look forward to my blog on that!

That's all for now!
Until next time

Sakura Hotel/Cafe  Jimbocho
Address:  2-21-4 Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
tel  +81-3-3261-3939
fax  +81-3-3264-2777

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Cold drinks for humid days

Maria 498

Posted by: Maria

Hi, this is Tomoyuki, a trainee writing this blog today.
It's getting hotter and more humid recently. 
How do you over come this weather ? Using air-conditioner? Drinking something cold ?
Some people do the former, and others do the latter.
I personally love drinking cold drinks on hot days, and  it makes me cool from inside of my body.
Much healthier than air-conditioner,isn't it ?

lemonade                                                                     cold cofffee


                    But be careful not to drink too much, or you will get a stomach ache.  

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