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Irina 410

Posted by: Irina

Hi all !!
 Spring is just around conner! 
We cannot wait to enjoy eating and drinking under the trees in full bloom.
 Today I was just walking around Jimbocho and I could see cherry trees.
 Oh.....this is far from full bloom.....
314.JPG    303.JPG
Cherry trees fully blossom about a week after they start to bloom.

However one cherry tree is blooming beautifully now.

 See you soon!


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We have plants!!

Maria 409

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

As the temperature is rising here in Tokyo, Sakura Hotel Jimbocho is slowly turning into a jungle!!!



This is all part of our cafe renewal...which is going very slow...but coming along!

So look forward to the finished product!!

Until next time

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Anime girls!

Maria 408

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

Today we had some very special "animated" guests.

Chris loved them...


A little too much...


I got a new friend too! Nagi-chan!


If you want your picture taken with our new friend, let us know
at the front!


Until next time

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Sakura Season!!

Maria 407

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

I hope you are all well. We are doing great here at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!
And cherry blossom season is right around the corner!!!
Japan has been through a lot for the past month, but its holding in there!
Tokyo stays the same :)
And what better time to cheer up with some hanami awesomeness! 

We particularly recommend Chidorigafuchi, right next to the Imperial Palace!!!


It's still a week or so before you get this view, so it's still not too late!!!
Happy viewing!! 

Until next time.

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workers against radiation

Takeshi 406

Posted by: Takeshi

since the terrible earthquake and Fukushima nuclear plants problem,
there are real samurai brave workers that fighting against radiation.
we must not forget them,
however,I don't like how Tokyo Electric Power Co treats their workers.
especially regarding of subcontractors,they can't refuse job offers
because they are worried about the future job offers.
so even though under such a critical conditions they are forced to work.

TEPCO has all responsabilities for all this problem that now is giving us so much trouble
and the health of not only their workers but also subcontract workers.

in such a emergency case ,you can discover real aspect of company.
so TEPCO please take best care about their workers please,they have also their family ,friends etc.....   

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high school baseball tornament

Takeshi 405

Posted by: Takeshi

in this unlucky moment that Japan is facing,
in Koushien(Hyougo prefecture),high school baseball tournament has began
we hope that their young fresh play encourages persons in Tohoku region and 
those who stays in evacuation area,gives more power.
personally I think it is good idea to hold high school baseball matches
in this way,those who are from the same prefecture especially tohoku regions
reunites each other


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We are open!!

Maria 404

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

How are you doing?
We here at Sakura Cafe Jimbocho are doing well!
We have had a few slow weeks, but that doesn't stop us!


We are opened for business!!! 

Drop by and have a cupper!

Until next time!

Sakura Hotel Jimbocho 

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Maria 403

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

Today we got something very important delivered to us.


Evil Yamamoto-kun is putting on his sexy face...Hmmm.....
What do you think? I think he's hiding something.... Ms. Long 
is on to him...


Of course I look good in any kind of head wear!!


Ms. Long checking the sturdiness of our new helmets.
If Ms. Long says they are good to go, they are good to go!

Now we are prepared for ANYTHING!!
Bring it on!!

Until next time.

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Ukrainian vodka!

Maria 401

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

We had some Ukrainian guests staying with us for about 2 weeks. 
They were kind enough to leave us a wonderful present...

Ukrainian vodka!!!


This honey pepper vodka is definitely not for the weak hearted! 
If you ever get the chance to try it, it's a strong recommendation! 

That's all for now!
Until next time.

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Renewal progress! 3

Maria 402

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

Even during this time we are continuing with our cafe renewal.

We moved some shelves around!


The cafe is starting to look more and more colourful! 

That's all for today.
Until next time.

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