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He's back and he bears gifts!

Maria 383

Posted by: Maria

Hello All!

(The Evil) Yamamoto-kun is back from his long vacation to Yamaguchi.

Look at his (evil) tired face. It's the face of a too well rested man.


He brings gifts!



Hmm..this is all part of his evil plan to poison us all and take over the Sakura Empire...
You shall not prevail Evil Yamamoto-kun, you shall not prevail!!

Until next time.

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Tokyo Marathon

Hitoshi 381

Posted by: Hitoshi

Hi there!

There is one of the biggest event in Tokyo.
Tokyo Marathon!!
32,000 people joined this event from all over the world.

Here is Jimbocho, there is our guest who joined it today.
Canadian couple and Singaporean
Tokyo Marasson 1.jpg
Team Hong Kong
Tokyo Marasson 003.jpg

There were another people who joined it!

in 20sec from our Hotel, there is a point we can see runners!
Tokyo Marasson 004.jpg Tokyo Marasson 005.jpg

There were water station on near Hotel, so It was busy,,,,
A lot of people stoped and getting a water and banana.
Volunteer also looks very busy to cleaning street.
Tokyo Marasson 012.jpg Tokyo Marasson 007.jpg    

Tokyo Marasson.jpg

  It was very beautiful day, so it must be nice !!
I hope that be able to run on someday!

Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

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Chris is back in town!

Maria 382

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

I'm sure you all know Chris by now! He's been with us on many Sakura adventures!
Well he's back in Tokyo form his crazy Kansai trip!


Make sure you say hello if you stop by Sakura Cafe

Until next time!

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The adventures of Sakura-sun

Maria 379

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

For you who have followed our blog, you will know that last year we found ourselves a new mascot: Sakura-sun!

Well he's been up to shenanigans again! 

One day he was drinking coffee with his girlfriend Sakura-chan here at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho.


Aren't they cute together!



Who is this?!! Sakura-sun's wife Sakurako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What will happen next!!?

Stay tuned for the perilous adventures of Sakura-sun!

Until next time.


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clienti simpatici

Takeshi 378

Posted by: Takeshi

due ragazzi da Svezia hanno passato quasi 1 mese di vacanza qui in Giappone.
oltre a Tokyo,hanno visitato i vari posti.
vogliamo che ritornino comunque sia grazie ragazzi,siete davvero simpatici

hadrian 004.jpg

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il periodo dell'esame di ammisione

Takeshi 376

Posted by: Takeshi

in Giappone,in questo periodo febraio,ci sono degli esami di ammisione
per liceo,universita' addirittura elemantari.
allora i ragazzi giapponesi cominciano a mettersi di studiare duramente
dall'anno precedente.
mi sembra che studino troppo ma in Giappone si credeva di assicurare
il futuro brillante se riuscisse ad entrare l'universita' prestigiosa.
tuttavia questa storia valeva negli anni 80 e 90 ormai non funziona piu'.
non e' importante a che universita va anzi conta molto che cosa vuole fare,
Forza givani ragazzi giapponesi! dovete crederci!



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Sanshin live!

Maria 377

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

Today I would like to tell you about one of our upcoming events here at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho.

Have you ever heard of the instrument "Sanshin"?
This banjo like instrument originates from Okinawa and is smilar to the "shamisen". Unlike the Shamisen that is made of cat or dog skin, the Shinsen is made from snake skin!


On 4 March we will be holding a small Sanshin performance!
And it's free!!!

Come and see traditional Okinawan music right here in Jimbocho!

Place: Sakura Hotel Jimbocho (Map)
Date: 4 March (Fri.) 
Time: 18:30~
Entrance: FREE!!!!

That's all for today!

Until next time!

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New drink!

Maria 375

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

As the cold winter days continue here in Japan, we here at Sakura Cafe have a little something for all of you.

Hot rum-chocolate!!


It's a must for you rum lovers out there! 
Come and warm up here at Sakura Cafe

Until next time!

Sakura Hotel Jimbocho 

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Italian Kendou-ka

Irina 374

Posted by: Irina

These 2+1 men's are doing practising Kendo in Kanagawa prefecture.They said Judo is more popular in Italy but they also said Kendo is more cool than Judo.I think so too.They want more popularize Kendo in Italy.Gambatte!


Sakura Hotel Jimbocho Yoshida 

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Nibble set!

Maria 373

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

We have started a new set here at Sakura Cafe Jimbocho!
It's a coffee set with bread!
There is a variety of breads, sweet or savoury, that is perfect
when you are feeling a bit peckish! 


My favourite is Pumpkin!!

coffee or tea, one piece of bread, ¥340!!

Until next time!


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