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More Japanese sweets!

Maria 355

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

As I have mentioned before, Japan has a vast variety of sweets. 
We stumbled across this rarity the other day!



I'm actually not entirely sure of what exactly this is to be honest....
Is a fusion of mochi (Japanese glutinous rice) and custard pudding...

Why, you ask?

Because it's Japan!!!


Until next time!

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And they're back!

Maria 354

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

For a while we have had a bit of a drought.....


But don't fret my friends...



And that's all for now.

Until next time

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New snacks!

Maria 353

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

As you may or may not know, here at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho we are all huge beer lovers!
(Especially me)

But up until now there was just something missing...SNACKS! When you have that ice
cold pint of golden beer goodness, you would most certainly need something salty to wash 
that beer down.

So we started selling the PERFECT partner for your beer:


We have two flavours:

Garlic (mmmm...might be a good idea to stay away from if on a date...)


Jalapeno! (Not for those with weak stomachs... They sure are an eye opener!)

And that's all for now

Until next time

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Maria 351

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

Do you know Akiba ?  Maybe most of you know it as Akihabara, the "electric town".
And also famous for Manga, Anime, Otaku, computer games, maid café's just to mention a few....
Akihabara is not so far from Sakura Hotel Jimbocho. You can actually go on foot. 
However, if you are anything like me, slow and lazy, keep reading this blog to find out how ti get there by tube!  

Thumbnail image for Kitanomru and Akihabara 079.jpg

From  Jimbocho station  please  take Shinjuku line (Green line)  to Iwamotochio station. 
170yen one way. 

At Iwamoto st 岩本町駅  please take the A3 Exit.
Kitanomru and Akihabara 072.jpg

Kitanomru and Akihabara 049.jpg

go up the ground floor
then turn left. 

You can see MacDonald on your left side.
Kitanomru and Akihabara 050.jpg

Go straight down this street, please.


Cross the bridge.
You can see the YODOBASHI Camera building on your left side.      
Kitanomru and Akihabara 054.jpg

Turn left, please. 
You can now see many different shops ! 

This is ライジオ館. Radio building.
My favorite place. next to the JR AKIHABARA station. 

That's all for today. 
Until next time

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World tea!

Maria 350

Posted by: Maria

Hullo all!

Have you tried our World Tea yet? no? 
Alright..let me introduce a little bit about our World Tea.

"Green Mate Tea"


Mate Tea is is a traditional South American infused drink and called Drinkable Salad because it is very healthy for your body.It is served with metal straw and cup. It has a lot of mate leaves in the cup, so you have to suck the liquid from the bottom of the cup.

The taste is a little bitter but kind of addictive, and it really  makes you wake up. We also have Mate Dolce which is a sweet mate tea.
If you are interested why don't you try it at our Cafe! 

Click here to check more world tea.

Until next time!

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Maria 349

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

All of you who have been to Japan, would have to have noticed the copious amount of sweeties they have.
Well, some of these sweets, as innocent as they may taste and be, their naming might give you a slightly...off putting image...

My favourite is:


Yes, you heard (read) me. Collon! Ok, so the spelling is sublimely different, but once you see the product you know someone must have been messing with the company when they were giving the product its name.

So, the most graphical one is:


Do you see my point?

One of my favourite flavours are:


And a resent flavour that is limited for the Hokkaido area:


Camembert cheese collon!
There are also strawberry collon, Japanese green tea collon and 
lemon collon.
Don't you just want to run out and buy them right away!

So there you have it. An all time favourite (especially for children)!

Until next time

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PIANTA delicious restaurant!

Anne Claire 348

Posted by: Anne Claire

Hello friends and customers!
How are you today?!

Today, I am on the morning shift, so my lunch break shall be around 1pm.
And, like almost everyday, I will go to the great Pianta italian restaurant!!!!!!!!

Just even yesterday I went there with my friend Ueda, and we took a few pictures over there!!!
Check this out:
文豪メニュー 044.jpg 文豪メニュー 049.jpg
The menu is nicely painted on the wall......all hand made, the drawer was so good!!!!

文豪メニュー 046.jpg 文豪メニュー 050.jpg
Funny decoration and great pasta chili carbonara...!!!

文豪メニュー 053.jpg文豪メニュー 052.jpg
French bread with Hokkaido butter, and delicious parmesan cheese!!!!

文豪メニュー 048.jpg
Good food brings nice smile!!!!

If you are coming to our hotel, I definitely recommend this restaurant,  just behind Yasukuni Dori!!!!
See you soon at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!!!!    (^ ^)

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Noh Workshop! part 2

Irina 347

Posted by: Irina

after the workshop,we organized reception party.
it was the good opportunity to make new friends.
so next time we organize,feel free to come !

dopo il workshop,abbiamo organizzato la piccola festa.
e' la buona opportunita per fare l'amicizia.
prossima volta che organizziamo,non fate comiplimenti,venite,venite

cake! 024.jpg

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Noh Workshop!

Irina 346

Posted by: Irina

yesterday we had a Noh(japanese traditional theater )workshop.
we had more than 40 persons present for this event
(we were not expecting so many guests so we are very satisfied.)

ieri abbiamo fatto l'evento del teatro Noh(il teatro tradizionale giappo)
ci sono stati piu' di 40 ospiti per quest'evento
(sinceramente non ci aspettavamo che ci sarebbero stati cosi tanti allora
siamo molto soddisfatti)

cake! 016.jpg

also one of our staff Maria that played interpret ,even thought it was the first time for her
to translate this kind if thing,she did very good performance.

anche una di noi Maria che ha fatti l'interprete ,ha dimostrato l'ottima prestazione
nonstante che sia stata la prima volta per lei tradurre tal cose teatrale davvero complimenti

cake! 011.jpg

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