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Pizza time!!!!

Anne Claire 320

Posted by: Anne Claire

Here is the final countdown.....New Year is approaching!
     \ (^_^) /

As you might not be together during the proper countdown, we decided to eat a nice pizza and coca cola party during our common lunch break!!!!

Check out the pics:
Aki and Maria 004.jpg Aki and Maria 005.jpg
Yamamoto-kun setting up the table and opening pizza boxes!

Aki and Maria 006.jpg

We really like each others!!!!!
Happy New Year to US!!!!!!!!

May all of you friends and customers have a great New Year party!!!!!!

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Donald duck is our friend!

Anne Claire 319

Posted by: Anne Claire

Hey there everybody!!!!

As you all know, this is winter time right?!
Well, what about finding a good warm hat to keep you warm all winter long.....?!
One of our customers just find his own!

Check this out:
Aki and Maria 003.jpg Thumbnail image for Aki and Maria 002.jpg
What a great hat!!!

Well, I might wouldn't have dared such a style...but...why not?!
You might see him around!

Take care guys!   =)

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Aki left! =)

Anne Claire 318

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends and customer....!

Here is our super customer/friend Aki who left the hotel today!   =)
Yes, Aki is usually a girl name, but our firend is actually.....Mexican from three generations!
His great grand parents were Japanese people who moved to Mexico...And his grand parents and parents are Japanese but none of them have ever seen Japan...

And finally, Aki came to visit!!!!
And he really loved Japan!!!
Actually he has a totally Japanese face!   =)

We were so sad to see him leaving!

Aki and Maria.jpg
See you soon Aki!!!!!
Hope you'll come back soon!!!!!
Take care!   =)

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Nice coffee next door!

Anne Claire 317

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends and customers....!
This is a blog for coffee lovers, for those of you guys who can't find back a good espresso coffee outside of Italy where it's purely good....
Well, you guys can dry your tears! I have found it out!

Yes indeed, if you go to some TULLY's coffee, you can ask an "espresso macchiato", which is actually not written on the menu, but does exists...
And believe me, it's as good as in Italy....
Check it out!
Isn't it so sweet?!
They even made a small Mickey Mouse face with milk!!!
Thank you so much!!!!

So when you guys will come visit us in Japan, please have a walk in the Tully's coffee shops!

See you round!


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Davidino is gone....

Anne Claire 316

Posted by: Anne Claire

Early this morning, one of our most friendly and uncommon customer left back to Europe.....Davidinoooooo.....!!!! 
We will miss our favourite most friendly football player, who made all the locals kids dreaming, and who made us laugh so much....

So here are a few of the most friendly pics we did with him!
Please have a look:

davide.jpg  Davide 002.jpg
Signing autographs to kids and talking with customers...

Davide 004.jpg  Davide 008.jpg
In training suit and pausing with Ueda....!   =)

Davide 005.jpg  Davide 007.jpg
With Otani and Hitoshi!!!   =)

Bye bye Davide, please take care and have a good way back home, we all hope to see you soon again!   =)

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The end of Christmas...

Maria 315

Posted by: Maria

Hello All!

Merry Christmas. 

We officially ended Christmas here at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho today.
It is quite sad and less colourful without all the decorations, but  New Years
is just around the corner!

We ended Christmas with a bang...or more like a demolition!
 Do you remember our precious ginger-bread house?

Just to refresh your memory:

風風Kaze 016.jpg

風風Kaze 011.jpg

Well....as Christmas is over...we had to take it down...

ginger 004.jpg

It started out very gently:

ginger 005.jpg

ginger 006.jpg

But we couldn't take it any more!!!

ginger 008.jpg

ginger 009.jpg

ginger 010.jpg

ginger 011.jpg

And there it goes.

If you want to have a taste, come by the caffe!

Until next time!

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Twitter quizz winners!!!!!

Anne Claire 314

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends and customers!!!!

As some of you all may already know, since a few weeks we sometimes make some friendly quizzes on our twitter page, based on music or movies, and the winners can have a free drink at our Sakura hotel Jimbocho.

As I just came back from France and we wanted to do something special for Christmas, we decided to make a special "French Christmas Quizz", after which the winners could come and get their prizes!!!

Here are the prices:

 The third price is a FREE DRINK of your choice, on the Zidane quizz.

サクラカフェマスコット 004.jpg
Here is a nice exemple of what you could ask!

The second price is a FRENCH CHEESE that I personnally chose in Paris, on the Napoleon quizz!

お知らせ 001.jpg
Delicious chees for the South West of France...おいしいいいい...!!!!!!

And the first price, is a BOX OF FRENCH CHOCOLATES on the LOuvre quizz, that I also chose as I knew those ones are delicious!!!!

France 002.jpg
Delicious LINDT chocolates, wrapped in a very nice blue and golden "Champs Elysees" box!

No I just hope that the winners will come and take their prices soon!!!!    =)
We are waiting for you!!!!!

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He is still a superstar!!!!

Anne Claire 312

Posted by: Anne Claire

Today our guest and pro soccer player from Italy, is till being asked to take a picture with some of our other guests!!! Everybody likes him and is so impressed by him!!!

He is in Japan right now to try to see if there could be a pro opportunity for him around...and in the meantime..still making pictures!!!!

Check this out:
Davide 002.jpg
Thank you so much for being soooo nice with everybody!!!

We do all wish you a long career and a huge amount of friends worldwide!!!!

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French teeth brush...!!!!

Anne Claire 311

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends...after yesterday's chocolates, here is the french.....teeth brush!!!!
Yes, indeed, you heard well! Because if some of you might not know it yet, teeth brushes in Japan are soooooo small.....but really really small...!

Irina, who visited England this autumn, so some of those teeth brushes and asked me to brink her back one!
So did I!
Check this out: 
France 003.jpg
Here it is!!!!
Big teeth brush, and coloured fresh teeth paste!!!!
Ueda is happy now, she can wash her teeth for six months!!!!

That's all folks!

See you soon at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

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