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Cakes from Hakone

Anne Claire 289

Posted by: Anne Claire

Hi everybody!
Last week, I allowed myself three days off...!!!! I was so happy!!!
As I hadn't have the opportunity to try some Japanese onsens yet, I decided to go to Hakone, to visit around and to try my first natural hot water in the nature!!!
I really loved it....
And before I left, of course I bought some presents for Ueeeeeeda!!!!
Ueda pouwer!!!!!

Check these aki seasonal cakes!
Hakone cakes 001.jpg  Hakone cakes 002.jpg
As usual in Japan, boxes and papers are always very nice...

Hakone cakes 004.jpg  Hakone cakes 003.jpg
Goooooooooooood taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaste!!!!

I didn't take any pictures from the Onsen...just brought back cakes!
So if you want to see them, dudes, you'll have to come!

See you soon at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

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He's back!

Maria 287

Posted by: Maria


So one of my favourite Japanese comedians, Okamura Takashi, had a almost 4 month break after a heavy depression.
Yesterday he made his comeback on his Japanese TV show "Mecha mecha Iketeru".

The episode parodied the recent Chile Miners incident, where Okamura played the leader of the miners. 
It was a tear-filled episode for both the old members and the newly elected members of the show.
I for once could not stop crying.

Welcome back Okamura san!


Until next time.

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la festa dei regazzi di Sakura House

Irina 286

Posted by: Irina

oggi abbiamo fatto la festa per i ragazzi di Sakura house qui in Jimbocho.
solo 1000yen,si posono prendere 3 birre(ogni birra deve costare meno di 500yen)
allora non potevate mancare quest'evento
magari sara' la prossima volta! noi vi aspettiamo qui a braccia aperte! ciao a tutti

choco banana 003.jpg

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Choco Banana is back!!!!!!

Anne Claire 285

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends and customers!!!!
How have you been lately???

You now know that I love food, right?!
Of course you do, because I always say so!!!
Well, do you remember a few weeks ago when some customers offered me some Choco Banana cookies?!
Well, here is the Choco Banana Chocolaaaaaaate!!!!!!!!!
Check this out:
choco banana 001.jpg
Nice box, right?!

choco banana 002.jpg
And here are the chocolate tablets!

Actually, you can find this brand kind of everywhere in Japan....not in only in Tokyo.
In many different places, this Choco Banana cakes and chocolate is easy to find into souvenirs shops....taking the name of the place in which you buy it!!!

But it's really good taste!!!!

See you soon in our Sakura hotel Jimbocho  =)

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New mascot!!!

Maria 284

Posted by: Maria


Today we had a special guest.
Our new mascot!!!!

His name is SAKURA-SUN!!! (Did you notice the pun?)

サクラカフェマスコット 002.jpg

He was very busy getting to know people and the cafe today.

サクラカフェマスコット 004.jpg

He found one friend... Sakura-chan.

サクラカフェマスコット 026.jpg

They even had a coffee together!


サクラカフェマスコット 012.jpg

Sakura-chan was eaten by ME!!! UWAHAHA!

Now Sakura-Sun is all alone...

サクラカフェマスコット 039.jpg

Please be his friend....

Until next time.

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Giorno dei lavoratori

Irina 283

Posted by: Irina

oggi in Giappone e' la festa nazionale.cio'e' il giorno dei lavoratori.
praticamente si chiama "Kinrou Kansya no Hi" in giapponese.
Kinrou(勤労)vuol dire il lavoro. kansya(感謝)vuol dire il rengraziamento.
Hi(日)vuol dire giorno

si deve ringraziare dei lavoratori. purtroppo nonostante di cio
devo lavorare fino alle 9 di sera,allora prendo un caffe',direi "che amarezza!"
poi prendo er vino "senza amarezza"

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Lunch guide 4

Maria 282

Posted by: Maria


Ok, here we go again!
One of my AWESOME lunch guides. 

Today I will introduce you to Tan-Chan!
Yes, it's noodles again... But noodles are so great!

This is Tan-Chan (Also known as Tanmen...tan-chan is just a name
we have given it here at Sakura, so don't order Tan-chan at the restaurant
...I can not guarrantee your safety...)

This is Tan-chan!

tan-chan 001.jpg

She is HUGE!

tan-chan 005.jpg

I couldn't even finish half!
If you are REALLY hungry, this is the dish for you. It's only 650yen!!


Until next time.

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Forever tomodachi!!!!!

Anne Claire 280

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear customers!
Please check out this picture, of some of the most friendly guests hanging around at our Jimbocho hotel.
They all met here and didn't stop talking and laughing, and enjoying time together...today they went to fish market together, and they're still hanging around here and there!!!!
They really all make me laugh!
Hope they'll stay for a while! Two Germans, one American, and one British!
Funny team!
Please stay here with us!!!!

ragazzi 003.jpg
Don't leeeeeeeeaaaaaaave..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all Folks!
See you soon at our Sakura hotel Jimbocho!!!!

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The best time to see autumn color of leaves in TOKYO City !!

Irina 281

Posted by: Irina

Hi friends !
Today we recommend you some places that you can see beautiful color of leaves in Tokyo.
Because next week end(26th, 27th, of Nov) will be the best time to see that !!



This is in SENGOKU station of MITA line.
It takes about 10min from our station JIMBOCHO.
Entrance fee 300yen.  Open : AM9:00 ? PM21:00 (till 5th Dec, there is a illumination.)


小石川.jpg 小石川2.jpg
This park is very close from our place.
It takes about 15?20min by walk. 
Entrance fee 300yen.  Open : AM9:00 ? PM5:00 (Unfortunately there is no illumination.)

No, 3 MEIJI JINGUGAIEN,  Gaien-Dori (Gaien Street)

This is a just street of Jingugaien(park) in AOYAMA ICCHOME station.(Hanzomon line)
It takes about 20min from our place by Metro.
The leaves on the ginkgo trees along Gaien-dori will be turned yellow on next week!!
It is very beautiful !!

The best time of autumn leaves is very short.
If you are in TOKYO on next week.  Don't miss it !!

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