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Book festival!

Maria 258

Posted by: Maria

Hello hello!

Jimbocho is a town known for many things, curry, Meiji University, and most of all books!
Today I will introduce you to the Jimbocho book festival!

第20回 神保町ブックフェスティバル 2010年10月30日(土)?10月31日(日) 
(Clearly and very obviously and ORIGINAL design by 20th Century Jimbocho)

The festival was supposed to have started yesterday, but due to the typhoon it was cancelled.
Today however, it is up and running like it's supposed to.

And look at all the people!!!

books 011.jpg 

books 013.jpg


books 012.jpg

books 015.jpg

You can find pretty much anything at this festival! They even have books in 
English for those of you who crave a little reading on your journey.

Well the festival might be over this year but there is always next! 
If you get the chance, stop by!

Until next time

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quando si avvicina il tifone

Irina 257

Posted by: Irina

adesso in questi giorni,si sta avvicinando il tifone.
ci doveva stare la festa dei libri ma a causa di questa pioggia
e' stata annullata purtroppo.
speriamo che smetti sta pioggia piu' presto possibile
vogliamo che esca il sole!!

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Anne Claire 256

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends and customers!
Typhoon is coming on tomorrow end of afternoon...please be careful, stay at safe place from 6pm!!!
What can we do when it's raining outside...?
Eating cakes, of course!
And because it's been raining since a few days now, our great Irina has brought up some cakes with her!!! Check this out!
cakes! 001.jpg  cakes! 002.jpg
It is soooooooo good taste!!!
100% Ueda power!

Please come and have a drink during the typhoon, don't let it blow your mind!

See you soon at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!!!!

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Fuji-Q Highland!

Maria 255

Posted by: Maria

Hello hello!

If you are anything like me, you love fast rides and high places, this is the theme park to go in Japan!
Fuji-Q Highland is at the base of Mt. Fuji so you can see it from the rides on sunny days!
So I want to give you some trivia!
The most famous and my recommended roller-coasters are:

Fujiyama, 259 feet tall, 80.8 mph. Opened in 1996, it was once the world's tallest roller coaster. 
As of 2007 it is the world's 8th tallest, 5th longest, and 10th fastest roller coaster.

Dodonpa, 170 feet tall, 106.9 mph. Opened in 2001, it was then the world's fastest roller coaster. 
As of 2007 it is the 3rd fastest in the world but still has the highest acceleration at launch time.

Dodonpa rollercoaster 2005-05.JPG

ejanaika, 249 feet tall, 78.3 mph. Opened in 2006, it is only the second "4th Dimension roller coaster" ever 
built. As a "4th dimension" roller coaster its seats can rotate 360 degrees forward or backward in a controlled 
spin, thus allowing Eejanaika to invert 14 different imes, even though the actual track inverts only three times.
It surpasses the first built "4th dimension" roller coaster, X?, in both height and speed.

Eejanaika coaster FujiQ 1024.jpg

Now is probably one of the best seasons to go as it's getting cold and it's not too crowded!
It is however cold, so take a warm coat!

And that's all the trivia for today!

Until next time!

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Traditional bento

Anne Claire 253

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends and customers,
Last sunday, I had the chance to assist to a traditional tea ceremony, organized by the mother of a Japanese friend.
As being a tea ceremony Sensei is her full time job, she has been practicing for years, and the ceremony was sooo interesting...so many people came, it was very nice!

Before we all leave the temple, we all received a bento....and I must say that I had never seen such a beautiful bento before!
Check this out:
bento 001.jpg bento 002.jpg
In each leaf of the bento, there was a delicious sushi hidden inside!!!
I got so surprised! And each one was different!   =)

bento 004.jpg bento 012.jpg

bento 008.jpg bento 010.jpg
Just open it!!!!   =)

If you visit Japan, you will probably have the opportunity to taste some of them!!!   =)

See you soon at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!!!

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Sakura House Friendship Party! Part 2!

Maria 251

Posted by: Maria

Hello hello!

Yesterday we had another one of our Sakura Friendship parties here at Jimbocho Sakura Hotel. 
party 24thOct 001 small.jpg

As you may or may not see we have AWESOME offers!

Beer and food in copious amounts! 

And even though it was cold outside, people willingly sat outside chatting away 
all evening :)

party 24thOct 002 small.jpg 

And as you can see here...the only one who was really interested in the pictures 
and not only the conversation was our staff, Mr. So! 


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Fashion victim...or fashion hero?!

Anne Claire 250

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends and customers!
If some of you have already passed by our Jimbocho hotel, you might probably already know Takagi san....

He is a member of our team, and many times, I have put in this blog some pictures of him with funny different t-shirts that he has.  =)

Today, it's not much about the t-shirt, but mostly about the glasses.....
Check this out:
Styly, don't you think....?!

Yeah man, you rock!

If you pass by around here, you can ask him about them!

See you soon at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!!!   =)

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Lunch guide 3

Maria 249

Posted by: Maria

Hello hello!

Back to my infamous lunch guide!
Part 3

Today I would like to introduce a Thai restaurant.
Today's menu:
A very dear friend Tom-Yam-Kun!

thai 005.jpg

Doesn't he look delicious!
Absolutely amazing! Just look at all the noodles and veg.
A strong lemon grass body, and a touch of spice puts the
zest in the dish.
A must try. 

If you want to know more details just 'holla' at the staff!

GO! GO! GO!! 

Until next time

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New pencils

Maria 247

Posted by: Maria


Today Anne-chan brought a lovely present for the hotel...

today 007.jpg

Look at how shiny it it!!!
Shiny and sparkly, and DORAEMON!
For you who do not know about this lovely blue character,
I will tell you right now!! Woo!

This is Doremon 

Ring any bells?

Guess what...He's a cat...Not just any cat...A ROBOT cat!!!
He travels back in time from the 22nd Century to help Nobita Nobi
improve his circumstances in the future!
He has an amazing pocket on his belly that can pretty much 
produce any gadget imaginable!

The series has been going steady since 1969!
It is one of my favourites so I recommend you all to read it!

And that's all for today folks!

Until next time.

today 006.jpg 


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New colours!!!! =)

Anne Claire 246

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends and customers;
if you pass by in front of our hotel, you will notice something different....look at the front door carefully.....Can you see any difference??
Come on, look closer.....
The colours of our terrace  changed!!!!

Check this out:
today 002.jpg
Nice colours, right?!

The floor turned from green to bordeaux, the wall from white to yellow, and the decorati9ons got painted in dark green...

The atmosphere is much more warmer I think!
Check out this one more pic:
today 003.jpg
Come and enjoy our new coloured terrace to have a drink!!!

We are waiting for you!!!!   =)

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