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Lynsey 226

Posted by: Lynsey

I don't know about you but I love cakes!  Lucky for me here in Japan there are lots of delicious cake shops!

There are 2 main types of cake in Japan, the first is the kind of cake that we all think of in the west...In Japanese these type of cakes are called 洋菓子 (Yogashi) and can include cakes and biscuits that we all know and love.


The second type of cakes, or to be more precise sweet things, are called 和菓子 which means Japanese sweets.  There are lots of different types, some are very plain and others are very decorative (like the ones below which are meant to be eaten with bitter green tea).


One of my favourite Japanese sweets is called たい焼き Taiyaki.  Tai means sea bream, a type of fish and yaki means toasted or cooked.  

305号室 鍵修理 001.jpg

It looks like a fish but actually it is like a pancake with sweet red bean paste inside!

Here in Jimbocho we have a great shop which sells really good Taiyaki!

This one is special because the outside of the fish is kept!

taiyaki 001.jpg      taiyaki 004.jpg

taiyaki 003.jpg      taiyaki 002.jpg

It is just around the corner from the hotel so if you want to try some delicious Taiyaki please ask us for directions!

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Windsurfers's best!!!! =)

Anne Claire 221

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends and customers,
As I told you last time, if you are a "weather maniac" just like me, or if you plan to come to Japan to practice windsurf or kitesurf along the Japanese coasts, here is the best website to check out wind, waves, and weather!
You might probably know it already, Windfinder!!!!  http://www.windfinder.com/windreports/windkarte_japan.htm


Very detailed and usually not mistaking on forecasts, I recommand this website even for "common people" who just want to know today's weather and temperature.
Of course, surfers will check the wind out!!!!

Please have fun in Japan!!!!   =) 

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Weather is changing....

Anne Claire 220

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends and customers....
If you are planning to come on vacation anywhere in Japan, and if you wonder about the current of forecast weather, here is the best website that you can check out anytime you wish:
The Japan Meteorological Agency: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/radnowc/


You can choose to have a look at the rain forecast, wind speed, snow depth, sunshine duration, and check out any details that you want...

For those of you who worry about more serious weather conditions, you can have a look at the earthquakes live page, tropical cyclone advisory page, and various weather warnings!

All the "weather maniacs" just like me will be delighted!!!!
Of course, common people will also simply easily get informed!!!

Enjoy your stay in Japan!!!!!   =)

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Lunch guide

Maria 219

Posted by: Maria

As you will get to know me here at Sakura Hotel, you will understand my endless love for food.
My blog will therefore most likely be about food...Oh yes.

So, I would like to introduce you to this Chinese restaurant:

坂本龍馬 007small.jpg

I was pleasantly surprised.

I had the Mabotofu lunch set this day...At the astonishing price of 590 yen!

And I could not believe how big a meal it was!

Look for your self (I kind of ate the salad before I took the pic...hehe)

坂本龍馬 004 small.jpg

It kept me full all day!

If you want to know where this restaurant is, just drop by an give me a shout!

Happy lunching!

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Irina 218

Posted by: Irina

Today a German couple checked in at the hotel and had a look at our collection of German beers in the cafe fridge!

Anyway, after talking to them for a while they told us that they had been to the actual Oktoberfest in Germany and they even showed us some photos!


They also gave us this lovely heart shaped gingerbread (a type of cookie) that they got from the beer festival so we will fight over who gets it later!

oktober 003.jpg

Thank you very much, we hope we can go to Oktoberfest sometime in the future....!

oktober 002.jpg

Come and try our Japanese and German beers!!

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Todays concert at Tokyo Dome is NEWS!

Lynsey 217

Posted by: Lynsey

When you are in Japan you can not really miss all of the boy bands on TV and the radio. Wherever you go I am sure you will hear them in shops and restaurants! 

Most of the biggest boy bands in Japan are managed by the same company called Johnny's, which was started in the 1970s by a man called (unsurprisingly) Johnny Kitagawa and since then have managed some of the biggest groups in Japanese pop history.


Johnny's bands are famous for being made up of "cute" boys and they are very closely managed, so much so that very few of them are married even well into their 30s.

Have you ever heard of NEWS?!  They are a very popular Japanese boy band managed by Johnny's and there is a concert today at Tokyo Dome.  Lots and lots of customers staying here today are going to the concert so they are having coffee before they go at the moment!


Most of their fans are teenagers and girls!  They first started in 2003, they are still popular today and are always on TV!

Have a look at the Johnny's website for more details about Japanese boy bands!
click here!

Why not ask us what concerts are on when you stay with us, we are also close to the world famous Budokan too!

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The Big Issue Japan

Lynsey 216

Posted by: Lynsey

In the UK a magazine was started in 1991 called the "Big Issue."  The idea behind the magazine was to help homeless people (originally in the UK) to help themselves by producing a magazine for them to see and keep a percentage of the cover price.

The Big Issue came to Japan in 2003 and is sold for 300yen in various places around Tokyo and the Osaka area.  The magazine is in Japanese but sometimes has the original story in English, for someone studying Japanese like me it is a great study tool, and you are doing a good dead by reading it!

You can see my study page this week below:
big issue1.jpg

It is on sale every 2 weeks and this time the cover is my favourite musician (and cool guy!!!) Tortoise Matsumoto!

big issue 001.jpg 

Go Tortoise!

The magazine costs 300yen and 160yen of that goes to the seller.  The magazine also has music and art reviews so it is great if you are living or staying the city!  There is a lovely man selling the Big Issue on the crossroad close to the hotel so please go and see him.  

For more information about the Big Issue in Japan please click here.

By the way, Tortoise has a video on Youtube where he makes Chai Tea, this is the recipe we are using here at the hotel!

To see the chai tea video click here!

For more information about Tortoise Matsumoto please click here!!!!!

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Curry City

Irina 214

Posted by: Irina

Did you know that Jimbocho is famous for curry?

That's lucky for us because we love curry here at the hotel!  When you think of curry do you think of Indian Curry?  In Japan there is also a type of curry which everyone knows at "japanese curry" which is quite mild and not like Indian curry at all... as strange as it seems curry originally came to Japan versus the UK where it had become a milder, easier to eat curry than in India.  

For lunch today I decided to have Japanese curry from CoCo Ichi, a famous chain that has 2 branches within 5 minutes walk from the hotel.  

curry 004.jpg   curry 005.jpg

Mr.  Takagi recommends this place!
I had spinach and fried prawns which was only 900yen and was too much for me to eat!

curry 006.jpg

But don't worry, Jimbocho also has lots of Indian Curry shops too!
One is about a 1 minute walk from the hotel and is called Siddique.  At lunch time they have special deals and you can get a curry and nan (or rice) for as little as 600yen, a bargain in Tokyo!

curry 002.jpg

Another shop is a favourite with our regular customers and is called Shanti.  They also have good lunch deals but dinner is really good!

curry 003.jpg

I especially recommend sitting outside if the weather is nice!

For our top 5 curry restaurants please ask anyone at the front desk!

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What a great T-shirt!

Lynsey 213

Posted by: Lynsey

The other day a customer came with this t-shirt!

He had been staying with a host family in Nagasaki who gave the t-shirt to him as a present!

curry 001.jpg

We want one too!  It fits right with our Ryoma Sakamoto theme at the moment!  

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Self introduction

Maria 212

Posted by: Maria

Hi there!

My name is Maria and I just started working here at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!

This is my first blog entry, so I thought I would introduce myself.

First thing is first, I am originally Greek, but was born and raised in Sweden.
(No I am not tall and blond...)

I like cheese... and raamen... and beer! Among other things.

And that is about it! 
If you have any questions for me, just drop down Sakura Cafe for a chat!

Hope to see you soon!


坂本龍馬 001.jpg

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