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Summer = Cider!

Lynsey 155

Posted by: Lynsey

Summer is well and truly here and I hope you are not all suffering in the heat like I am!  

In this heat I think there is nothing better than an ice cold bottle of cider!  And I don't mean the "cider" here in Japan that is just a fizzy drink, I mean the apple alcohol drink.  I always think that beer is too heavy to drink in hot weather so cider is a great alternative, and is especially good with lots of ice in a cold glass!

Here at Sakura we have 2 types of cider.  The first is Strongbow, the most popular cider in the UK.  It is not a sweet cider, it can taste quite bitter but is really refreshing and at 600yen it is really a bargain!
cider 002.jpg

The second type is Magners, an Irish cider (although exactly the same cider is also made in England and called Bulmers!).  It is sweeter than Strongbow and is great with ice, I recommend it for first time cider drinkers!  It is only 700yen so perfect to share with a friend.
cider 003.jpg

Chopper seems to agree, lets hope he hasn't drunk too much already!
cider 001.jpg

Please come and try our summer cider!

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Taking photos!

Lynsey 153

Posted by: Lynsey

Well, today is a rainy day here in Tokyo which means that we have had plenty of time to prepare all of the special menu drinks for the One Piece festival.
For more about these drinks click here

While I was busy preparing I looked around and it seems like Mr. Ishida and Romain were having fun!

ローマンピース 006.jpg

And then when I looked behind me this customer was wearing the hat....like magic...

ローマンピース 007.jpg

I only wish I had a hat like that too!

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Tokyo has mountains and beer!

Irina 152

Posted by: Irina

When you visit Tokyo you might see the sights of the city, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Akihabara and maybe Asakusa and the big temple.  

But Tokyo is not just urban space, there are wide open spaces as long as you are willing to travel for a little while on the train.

The closest mountain to Tokyo is called Mount Takao (高尾山) and is right out in the West of Tokyo.  You can climb the mountain and see views of Mount Fuji if you are lucky) and breathe some fresh air!

takao san.gif

Mount Takao is famous for Soba, in fact the restaurant on Mount Takao is in the Michelin Japan guide!
The soba is really delicious, it is a bit more expensive than other places but it is well worth the money!

Also my favourite place in Mount Takao is the "Beer Mount" just outside the cable car station.
You can see a great view of Tokyo and at night time in summer you might even be lucky enough to see fireworks! 
takao.jpg    takao2.jpg

and don't forget the beer!


So what are you planning to do this summer?  Why not try to go to the countryside and enjoy the fresh cool air?

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La folie One Piece!!!!

Anne Claire 151

Posted by: Anne Claire

All crazy about One Piece, this is the main theme lately at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!!!!
One Piece is everywhere all around us....so many people come everyday!!!
The best way for you to have an idea about what is going around, is to have a look at those pics:

onepiece 004.jpg  onepiece 005.jpgThey are everywhere!!!!  =)

ローマンピース 002.jpg  ローマンピース 004.jpg

All this surrounding is so nice....
See you soon at our Sakura hotel jimbocho!!!!  =)

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the great t-shirt!!!!

Anne Claire 150

Posted by: Anne Claire

Let's keep on talking about style !!!   =)
After trying the One Piece pink hat the other day, now my colleague Hitoshi san is making a good come back with a great "Einstein dead t-shirt...."
How can I explain that.....just have a look!  =)

ゲスト 004.jpg

Can you do better....???  =)
See you soon at the Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!

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When the festival ends....

Lynsey 149

Posted by: Lynsey

When the festival ends does not mean that we have finished our work!

In fact there are a lot of things we must do!

1)  Order things that we need for the next festival day.

onepiece 002.jpg

We go through a lot of syrup!

2)  Speaking of syrup we also need to cean up the crushed ice syrups, all 7 of them!

end of day 005.jpg

And of course fill them up!

3)  Wash down the road outside.  Today Mr. Ishida was in charge of that so thank you!

end of day 001.jpg     end of day 002.jpg

Don't forget to be careful of people walking past!

4)  Eat an ice cream

end of day 003.jpg

Mmmmm, my favourite vanilla!

5)  Have a beer.  Wen our shift is finished of course!

end of day 006.jpg

And finally make sure that we are genki enough for the next day!

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What a cute Chopper!

Lynsey 148

Posted by: Lynsey

The One Piece Festival is continuing here in Jimbocho and is getting as exciting as the weather is hot!

My favourite character is Chopper, and luckily for me someone left this really cute Chopper for us.  

flag 002.jpg

We put him straight to work at the front desk as you can see!

We also got a really cool flag which we put up in the window, it gets us all in the pirate mood!

flag 001.jpg

The festival runs until the 1st August so if you get chance please come and see us!

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Carnival.....it's all about style!!!!

Anne Claire 147

Posted by: Anne Claire

As you probably know, since last week the One Piece festival has started!!!   =)
So many fans are walking around the Jimbocho streets to reach the "meeting points" and get the stamps on their One Piece special papers!!!!

But I believe that above the stamps.....there is the STYLE!!!!!   =)
Check this out.....do we have the ONE PIECE STYLE?????
YES we do........!!!!

one piece 001.jpg  one piece 002.jpg

See you soon to get the One Piece fever at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!!!

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Stamp Rally Helpers!

Lynsey 145

Posted by: Lynsey

As you know at the moment there is a One Piece Festival going on in Jimbocho and as part of the festival there is a stamp rally.

One of the stops (the stop for the character "Brook") is Sakura Hotel so lots of people come to the hotel to get a stamp.

Everyday there is a helper for the stampers and today I would like to introduce her to you!

makoto san.jpg

Her name is Makoto and she is originally from Hokkaido!

Hobby: Playing the Oboe (she has been learning since she was in Junior High School!)
Music: Classical
Favourite food: Ramen, of course Sapporo Miso Ramen!
Dislike: Vegetables.  All vegetables!
Little known fact: She spent some time in America

Stay tuned for more helper introductions and don't forget to collect your stamp card at Jimbocho station when you arrive.

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