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"Rakugo 落語 in English" on Saturday!

Rumi 125 Not readay

Posted by: Rumi

Have you ever heard about Rakugo 落語?
It's like a Japanese traditional "sit" com. Listening to Rakugo in English would be a very exciting & precious opportunity! Don't miss it!

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya is celebrating its first anniversary!
To commemorate this special occasion, we are honoured to have Bunkyo Gakuin University Assistant Professor Dr. Kimie Oshima, to perform "Rakugo in English" for us.
Rakugo, or Traditional Japanese Comedy Story Telling,
is a popular verbal entertainment since the 19th century. Now Dr. Oshima has taken the art to the next level by combining it with English, sparking a chain of non-stop laughter!

After the performance, there will be a reception party
where drinks and light refreshments will be served.
Please join us and let us know more about your country's comedies!

  Sakura Cafe Hatagaya 1st Anniversary Special Celebration
 "Rakugo (Japanese traditional "sit" com) in English"

[Date] 3rd July 2010 (Sat), 4:00 p.m. onwards

[Venue] Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (a 2-minute walk from Keio New Line Hatagaya sta.)

[Map] http://www.sakura-hotel-hatagaya.com/hotel_location.php

[Address] 1F Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, 1-32-3 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

English Rakugo 500 Yen per person (around 50 seats available)
Reception Party 1,000 Yen per person (refreshments and drinks included)

4:00 p.m. - Unplugged Live Music Performance
4:30 p.m. - Rakugo in English
6:00 p.m. - Reception Party

* Please reserve your seat in advance by sending an email to
  [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you and sharing this great opportunity!

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Ryoma corner!!!!

Anne Claire 121

Posted by: Anne Claire

As you probably know, there is actually on TV a drama about Sakamoto Ryoma's life which is having a lot of success......so many derived products are now being sold in Japan, like Ryoma's beer and soda, Ryoma's green tea.....and even some Ryoma's badges....

To take part of that success, we decided to sell some of those products here at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho, and we created a special corner for that!
Check this out:
25 june 002.jpg  25 june 003.jpg
Sakamoto's soda                                           Sakamoto's beer

How to make 坂本竜馬 014.jpg  23 june 008.jpg
Ryoma latte                                                  Ryoma badge!  

And here is our special corner:
25 june 004.jpg

See you soon at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!!!!!   =)

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Guests from Malaysia!

Lynsey 123

Posted by: Lynsey

Today we had a surprise email from guests who stayed with us in December, thank you for your email.  We were all happy to hear from you again!


This is a photo of everyone in front of the hotel holding the Malaysian flag!  

Please look closely and you can see that everyone is wearing warm coats and there is even a Christmas tree inside the hotel itself!!


Please come back and see us again soon!

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Japan's summer music festivals

Lynsey 122

Posted by: Lynsey

Summer is a time for camping, barbecues and music festivals and Japan is no exception!  The rainy season will (hopefully) end in the middle of July which signal the start of the hot summer season which lasts until the middle of September.

For those of you who like Japanese and Western music there are 2 main summer festivals which might interest you:

The first is of course Fuji Rock

fuji rock.jpg   fuji rock2.jpg

Dates: July 30,31 August 1
Place: Niigata Prefecture
Ticket price: 3 days=39,800yen  one day=16,800yen
Time from Tokyo: 1hour30minutes (by bullet train) cost: 6,500yen
Bands: Muse, Massive Attack, Them Crooked Vultures, Asian Kung Fu Generation etc.

Website: http://www.smash-uk.com/frf10/

The second festival is Summer Sonic

summer.jpg    summersonic08_top.jpg

Dates: August 7,8
Place: Chiba Makuhari Messe and Osaka
Ticket price: (Chiba) 2 days=29,000yen 1 day=15,800yen (Osaka) 2 days= 26,500yen 1day= 14,400yen
Time from Tokyo: 45 minutes (Chiba) cost: 540yen
Bands: Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, A-HA, Taylor Swift, Yazawa Eikichi

Last but not least the festival that I am going to again this year, Rock in Japan.  There are only Japanese bands!

rock2.jpg    rock.jpg

Dates: August 6,7,8
Place: Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Ticket price: 3 days=30,000yen 1 day=11,50yen 
Time from Tokyo: 1hour 30 minutes cost: 4000yen
Bands: Mongol 800, Puffy, Acidman, Dragon Ash, Tortoise Matsumoto (yay!)

Why not ask us for details when you arrive if you would like to go.  Tickets sell out very quickly though!
I can't wait for summer to come!

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present from our guest

Irina 91

Posted by: Irina

British friendly couple gave us chocolates. it is very deliscious!

la nostra coppia britanica ci ha regalato 4 choccolati. veramente buoni!
ringraziamo molto. i chiccolati ci danno la forza ed energie per lavorare!!!

30th of may 008.jpg

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Rainy days plate.....!

Anne Claire 119

Posted by: Anne Claire

Dear friends....
Have you ever heard about Chijimi?
Chijimi are some Korean "galettes" (savory pancake) which we serve at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho during the rainy days.....!!!!
Why only in rainy days??? Because Korean people also eat it in rainy days, so we wanted to maintain the tradition!!!!
Check out the picture:

22 june 001.jpg
This is sooooo good!

Do you feel like trying?
We are waiting for you!!!!!

See you soon at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!!!!   =)

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New German boy working with us!!!!

Anne Claire 118

Posted by: Anne Claire

Since the beginning of this week, we have a new young staff member at our Sakura Hotel Jimbocho!!!!
He's from Germany and he will stay here with us for a few weeks.
His name is Romain and he's very friendly!
You will see him if you come hanging around here!

22 june 002.jpg
Welcome!!!!!!     =)

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Healthy mame!!!!!

Anne Claire 117

Posted by: Anne Claire

Since today at our Sakura hotel Jimbocho, we have some mame available!!!!!
Indeed, what could be better than watching the Soccer World Cup with a good beer......and mame!!!!!!
Have you ever tried mame beans?

Edamame.jpg (350×350)

Very healthy, just add some salt on it if you like it!

See you soon at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho, to try beers and mame!!!!!

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Presents =)

Anne Claire 116

Posted by: Anne Claire

Once more, we received some presents from one of our customers!
Sweets from Hokkaido!
As you may know, Hokkaido is also famous for its butter, and the sweets shall recall that taste also.
We haven't tried them yet, but I can't wait........!!!!!!

By the way, I also reaaly like the box!!!!!   =)

Domo arigato!!!!!!   =)

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Ultraman Cola?!

Irina 115

Posted by: Irina

Mr. Ishida came to work today with a really happy look on his face... "why?" I hear you ask!

Because of this!


Ultraman Cola and Kamen Rider Lemonade!

Look how happy he is!


Ultraman is a Japanese kids TV show which has been running for years and years, if you ask any Japanese men they will all be able to do impressions of him for you!

ultraman.jpg    rider1.jpg
This is the first Ultraman in 1966!   This is Kamen Rider!

Unfortunately I don't think the drink tasted very good but I think the can was worth the 100yen he paid!

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