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The boys refill our sakura Jimbocho cafe!!!!

Anne Claire 93

Posted by: Anne Claire

Good evening everyone!
This afternoon, Takagi san Otani san have refilled and arranged our Sakura Cafe Jimbocho!!!!
This is a men's work!  =)
Refilling and re-aranging, now we are only waiting for you!!!!!
Please come and visit us!  =)

30th of may 011.jpg
Takagi san re-aranging the cafe area!  =)

30th of may 012.jpg
King of Sakura Cafe Jimbocho!!!   =)

30th of may 014.jpg
Otani san introducing the beers.....! 
"Are you experienced....?!?!"

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Irina 90

Posted by: Irina

manekineko is the cat that brings you the fortune.
every kind of fortune such as business,family and happiness.
that action means invite the fortune and welcome in Japan(I think)30th of may 005.jpg

il famoso manekineko e' uno dei regali giapponesi piu' carini.
il gatto che porta fortuna all'affari,la famiglia e proprio la felicita'
quel movimento con la mano che invita( porta)la fortuna
anche secondo me vuoi dire che ben venuti in Giappone!

Le chat Manekineko est tres celebre au Japon, et on le trouve souvent a l'entree des commerces afin qu'il porte chance et ammene les clients...de facon plus generale, il symbolise la chance, le bonheur en famille et en affaires. Son mouvement de main aide donc la fortune et la chance a approcher, en les invitant de sa main.

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New syrop!!!

Anne Claire 92

Posted by: Anne Claire

Hello everyone!
As many of you have noticed, summer is still not completely here yet in Tokyo, but we have already started to get ready for it!!!!
Here at the Sakura Cafe Jimbocho, there is a "new entry taste" amongst our Teisseire syrops.......the lime taste!!!
Fresh and slightly green coloured, nothing is best than adding some ice and cold sparkling water to relax and get some fresh energy during the day!!!!
French people do love it!!!!
Check out the pictures below:

30th of may 009.jpg
Experience the new Lime "Citron Vert" taste!!!!

30th of may 010.jpg
Come and experience our Teisseire syrops!!!!
Exclusively at our Sakura Cafe Jimbocho!!!! 

We are waiting for you!!!!!    =)

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Blood Types in Japan!

Lynsey 89

Posted by: Lynsey

Do you know what blood type you are? なに型ですか?

I wonder how long you will be in Japan before someone asks you this question for the first time?!

Someone asked me yestrday and instead of answering straight away I asked them what blood type they thought I am. She explained the traits of each blood type to me and concluded that I was most like type O...she was right!

My friend asked me what the best best qualities were for each blood type.  We looked up the different types my friend told me that type A are probably the best teachers, type B the most common in company bosses, type AB should be actors and type O should be aid workers!!

So here is the list of blood types and personalities, do you think it describes you?

Blood type A (A型)

Methodical, sensible

Well, these are great traits however type A's are over cautious so sometimes they do not take action!

Famous type A's  Ringo Starr and George Bush!


Blood type B (B型)

Active, free thinking

Being an active type is again a good trait for anyone but B types are traditionally thought of as selfish and irresponsible!

Famous type B's  Akira Kurosawa, Jack Nicholson

Blood type O (O型)

Sociable, optimistic

Optimism is something never to be underestimated, but type O's can be vain and rude...oh dear not good!

Famous type O's  John Lennon, Elvis Presley

Blood type AB (AB型)

Controlled, creative

Creativity is a great trait to have however AB's can be very critical of others and at other times indecisive...!

Famous type ABs  Jackie Chan, Marilyn Monroe

So what do you think? Does your blood type affect your personality? What blood type are you?

Lastly here is a link to a BBC news article I read the other day which suggests that "blood type discrimination" does exist! click here

By the way what blood type do you think the staff are.....?!

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Mr. Takagi loves photos 2

Lynsey 40

Posted by: Lynsey

Hi everyone, just a quick message to say hello!

Mr. Takagi wanted us to update his photo (as I told you before he loves having his photo taken look here) so if you want your photo taken with him please just ask.


Just ask for Mr. Takagi!

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Irina 84

Posted by: Irina

Nihon Budoukan is the stadium for japanese martial arts like kendo ,judo...
other than that it is held concerts ,graduating ceremony etc....
from here it is walkable distance about 15 minutes.

Budoukan e' lo stadio per gli arti marziali giapponesi come Kendo,jyudo....
oltre a questi eventi,si tengono tanti esibizioni come concerti ,cerimonie universitari della laurea.
da nostro hotel solo 15 minuti a piedi. allora non potete mancare.18th of May Jimbocho area 007.jpg

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Mainiti Shinbun(newspaper) head quarter

Takeshi 80

Posted by: Takeshi

near our sakura hotel,you can find head quarter of mainiti shinbun
one of the most famous japanese newspaper.
from Takebashi station(tokyo metro touzai line) 0 minutues.
around here there are so many publishing companies.
and our area Jimbocho I think that the most famous books and used books area in the world
so please come to here you can't miss

vicino al nostro hotel,si trova la sede centrale di Mainici shinbun,uno delle famose compagnie
di giornale giapponese.
da stazione di Takebashi,solo 0 minuti.
in questa zona,ci sono molte ditte di redazione,stampa,poi
credo che questa zona sia la zona piu' famosa dei libri e quelli di secondo mano
allora da non perdere! daje amici italiani18th of May Jimbocho area 016.jpg

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imperial palace east garden

Irina 82

Posted by: Irina

from here in Jimbocho,you can arrive easily to imperial palace
one of the hottest spot in Tokyo.
it was built by Daimyo Ota Doukan,then was lived by Tokugawa family
in edo era. then after the reform of meiji,like now became imperial palace.
18th of May Jimbocho area 015.jpg

you can enter free except Monday and Friday. from here Hirakawa mon gate is the nearest one
about 7 minutes.

Palazzo imperiale e' uno delle poste piu' famose a Tokyo.
fu costruito da Ota doukan in origine poi durante la famiglia Tokugawa era la sede shogunatica.
poi dopo la riforma di Meiji,fu diventato letteralmente il palazzo imperiale.
da qui si puo' entrare da portone Hirakawa
si puo' entrare gratis tranne lunedi e venerdi

this is Hirakawamon gete as bellow
18th of May Jimbocho area 017.jpg

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The final day of the Sumo

Lynsey 85

Posted by: Lynsey

Today is the last day of the Sumo Tournament in Tokyo and what an exciting tournament it has been! 

This was yesterdays bout between Hakuho and Kotoshu...please notice Hakuho's stylish Yellow mawashi...I think black suits him better!


As I told you in my guide to the Sumo the current Yokozuna, Hakuho is really strong and yet again he has won the competition without losing even one bout.  Sometimes there are 2 Yokozuna but there is no one who can even come close to beating Hakuho at the moment so it looks as though he is here to stay!

This is not this championship by the way!

As for my favourite Kotoshu, his results were 9 losses to 6 wins.  He tried his best but by looking at his blog it seems as though he has been spending more time fighting fires than training so maybe it can't be helped!


The next tournament runs between July 11th and 25th and will be held in Nagoya.  If you are coming to Japan then please ask us for more information about getting tickets and how to get there!  
Or see this English website for more details: click here

Please don't forget to cheer for Kotoshu!

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Modern art national museum

Takeshi 79

Posted by: Takeshi

today I went to take a look how it is Tokyo modern art national museum
(tokyo kokuritsu kindai bijuyutukan)
from our hotel,it take 7minutes by walk
just acrosing Takebashi bridge you can find at right side.
in front of the entrance,I don't know what but there is some kind of exposition of Modern art.
it is so lovely! some event,you can enter free18th of May Jimbocho area 014.jpg

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