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Something is being built....

Irina 55

Posted by: Irina

Today is Thursday but a national holiday here in Japan.  The hotel is very quiet and so I decided to go for a wander around the neighbourhood.

As you can see something strange is going on just behind the hotel....

matsuri 003.jpg

When I went back an hour later it looked like this....

matsuri 012.jpg   matsuri 019.jpg

Hmm, maybe it was the reason that our manager Mr. Ishida was looking through this box....

matsuri 005.jpg

and the reason he was stressed...

matsuri 006.jpg

Keep your eye out for tomorrow's blog to find out more!

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The start of Golden Week

Lynsey 53

Posted by: Lynsey

Today is the start of Golden Week here in Japan.  I am not sure why it is called Golden Week but it is a few consecutive days of national holidays when companies are closed and everyone has a few days off.

During these days off many people get into their cars and set off to the countryside or their home towns and the roads end up like this...

traffic jam.jpg

Ha ha!  maybe it is best just to stay in the hotel and enjoy our beer collection!

This year the holidays are April 29th and May 1st to the 5th.  It is all work as usual on the 6th!

Anyway enjoy your holidays and if you have some free time come and see us at the hotel!

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The cooking apron and Mr Otani

Lynsey 51

Posted by: Lynsey

mr otani 001.jpg

"Wow" I hear you say!

Yes our very own Mr Otani is preparing to do some cooking!

Even the guy sat on the left is surprised!!

mr otani 002.jpg

I wonder what treats he will make for us....

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Welsh cakes !

Irina 54

Posted by: Irina

Do you know Welsh cake ?
Lynsey made welsh cake for our new cafe menu.

ウェールズのケーキ 001.jpg    

Welsh cake is  traditional welsh snacks.
It's like a scone but shape is deferent and baked by  frying pan (Bakestone )
Raisin and apricot in it.  Cooking time less than 40mins. 

ウェールズのケーキ 008.jpg
Yummy !!!!!!
I would like to have welsh cakes with a cup  of tea.
Definitely this will be our  new  cafe menu  ..... Homemade Welsh cake! 

ウェールズのケーキ 017.jpg
Thank you Lynsey.

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Have you tried Umeboshi?

Lynsey 49

Posted by: Lynsey

We were feeling a bit hungry this afternoon so I went to Family Mart in search of snacks.  Luckily they had one of my favourite snacks - Umeboshi!

Have you ever heard of umeboshi?  There is no good English to explain it but it is a salty, sour, pickled plum which is bright red.  Sometimes you can find them in onigiri (rice ball) or in Ochazuke (rice and soup).  

The first time I tried umeboshi I hated them but over the last few years I have started to really like them.  But even now when I eat one I can't help but make a strange face....

umeboshi etc 001.jpg    

Please don't laugh until you try one for yourself!!!

Irina was laughing until she tried one too!

umeboshi etc 003.jpg

Please try umeboshi when you come to Japan!

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Broken eggs...

Lynsey 46

Posted by: Lynsey

Do you know what this flag is?

umeboshi etc 008.jpg

Please carry on reading to find out!

Since today is Sunday we have had time to think about new items for our cafe menu.  I tried to think back to my childhood and remembered how my Gran would always make Welsh cakes for me and my little brother on Saturday afternoons.

My Gran was from Wales, but we lived just over the border in England and she loved cake but not really sweet cakes, which is why welsh cakes are so great!

Anyway during my lunch break I decided to go and buy ingredients for the cakes.  I left my bag of shopping on the table to sort out later and when I turned around it had fallen to the floor....

and this happened....

umeboshi etc 007.jpg       umeboshi etc 006.jpg

Oh no!  Well, I suppose I'll just have to go back to the Fujiya, the supermarket around the corner again....

umeboshi etc 005.jpg

Or just make less cakes....More about the making of the cakes soon!

And in case you haven't guessed by now the flag is the national flag of my Gran's country, Wales!

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Thank you card

Lynsey 39

Posted by: Lynsey

We had a lovely surprise last week when we had a thank you letter arrive from Canada!

thankyou.jpg        thankyou2.jpg

Thank you Keiko!  We hope to see you again soon!

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I Love Sushi!

Irina 41

Posted by: Irina

Have you ever tried Sushi?  I really love sushi and lucky for me there is a really great sushi restaurant just behind Sakura Hotel.

sushi 008.jpg

It is called Yoshino Sushi!

I chose the 1,700yen sushi lunch set, you get sushi, miso soup and green tea-it's a bargain.  The fish is really fresh and traditional sushi, look at the photos below!

sushi 001.jpg  This is the dish for soy sauce and the small towel to wipe your hands with.

sushi 003.jpg  This is the Jimbocho Green Tea cup!

sushi 002.jpg  This is it!  The Sushi arrives!  (by the way California roll isn't Japanese sushi so don't ask for any!!)

and about 2 minutes later my plate looked like this....

sushi 004.jpg

Gochisosama deshita!  (It is what we say after eating)  

So when you come and stay with us please go and visit Yoshino Sushi and say hello to Mr. Yoshino!

sushi 005.jpg        sushi 007.jpg

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