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Noh Workshop at our hotel - 2nd April (Fri.) 18:30

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Posted by: yoshiko

Hi everyone!

Have you heard or watched "Noh"?


Noh is a major form of classic Japanese musical drama (play) that has been performed since the 14th century. There are approximately 250 plays in the current repertoire, which can be divided according to a variety of schemes. The most common is according to content, but there are several other methods of organization.

We have "Noh Workshop" by Shuko Tuchiya (Noh performer) on this Friday.
Noh Workshop at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho
2nd April (Fri.) 18:30 at our hotel lobby FREE!!
The workshop consists of "Explaining Noh", "Noh Performance" and "Noh Experience (Challenging the Noh voice and acting)".

Let's look at the previous event pictures!





Feel free to join this workshop and enjoy the Noh world!

See you on this friday :)


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Misaki Shrine Festival 4th May 2010

Kazuhiro 27 Not readay

Posted by: Kazuhiro

When you're on the road, festivals are something you shouldn't miss. You'll get to know the local culture and people in an enthusiasm, especially if you could actually take part in it.  

If you are planning to stay with us in May, you are lucky.
Our local festival, Misaki Shrine Festival is held every two years, and the last time was in 2008. Yes, the next festival is in coming May on 4th.

Check this video out, it's from 2008. You might have the chance to carry the portable shrine (お神輿) at the festival, among the locals.

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Is it Cherry Blossom Season Yet?

Lynsey 25

Posted by: Lynsey

Hello from a cold Tokyo!

This week it seems as though winter has returned, I actually used the heating in my house last night...  I don't really mind the cold but I have been really looking forward to the Spring because the Spring brings Cherry Blossom season and an excuse to have a picnic with friends!   

Yesterday Mr. Ishida took this photo of a Cherry tree close to the hotel, usually at this time of year it is in full bloom but as you can see it is not even half blooming yet... and with the weather this week it seems as if the parties will not start until April.  


Oh well I suppose it is something to look forward to!  If you are around Jimbocho in the next week or two I recommend you visit the Imperial Palace where the cherry trees are really beautiful, just ask us at the front desk for the best places to go.

I hope it gets warmer soon!

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Our guests from Belgium

Lynsey 24

Posted by: Lynsey

Last week we had some guests from Belgium, they amazed us because they never slept!  They stayed for a couple of days and went out in the evening, came back in the morning, slept for about  5 minutes and then went out sightseeing! 

Amazing!  I think when they arrived back home they needed to sleep for about a week!!  Thank you for staying with us Nicolas and friends!

belgium and cafe 001.jpg T

When they were here we have a very busy week in the cafe too.  Everyone wanted to drink coffee or Asahi beer!!  Everyone started to talk to each other, it was a really nice atmosphere so when you come why not stop by the cafe for a couple of drinks?

belgium and cafe 002.jpg

See you there soon!  I'll be the one pouring the beer!

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How to get to AKIHABARA by Subway.

Irina 21

Posted by: Irina

Hello.Do you know Akiba ?   It's Denki-gai (Electric Town ), Akihabara.
And also famous for Manga, Anime, Otaku, computer game, maid cafe etc ..........
Akihabara is not so far from our hotel. You can go on foot. 
Well this time  I would like to tell you how to get to Akihabara by Subway. 

Thumbnail image for Kitanomru and Akihabara 079.jpg

From  Jimbocho station  please  take Shinjuku line (Green line)  to Iwamotochio station. 
170yen one way. 

At the Iwamoto st 岩本町駅  please take  A3 Exit.
Kitanomru and Akihabara 072.jpg

Kitanomru and Akihabara 049.jpg

go up the ground floor
then turn left. 

You can see MacDonald on your left side.
Kitanomru and Akihabara 050.jpg

Go straight down this street, please.


Cross a bridge.
You can see YODOBASHI Camera building on your left side.      
Kitanomru and Akihabara 054.jpg

Turn left please. 
You can see many Electric shops ! 

This is ライジオ館. Radio building.
My favorite place. next to the JR AKIHABARA station. 

That's all for today. 
See you next time.

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The day after First Spring Storm

Hajime 20 Not readay

Posted by: Hajime

DSC_0093 a.JPGPls look these pictures
The strong wind knocked down a cherry tree of Yasukuni Shrine
 Also bikes!!
Last night,We had heavy storm. We called 'First Spring Storm.
almost spring has come!!!



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rush of cherry blossoms in Tokyo!

Hajime 18 Not readay

Posted by: Hajime

But,not in central Tokyo.

These pictures taken by my cousin.
He lives in Oshima-island.

Central In Tokyo, the trees are expected to bloom on March 20

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World Beer!

Lynsey 17

Posted by: Lynsey

One thing we are proud of here in Sakura Hotel Jimbocho is our selection of world beers! 

beer 001.jpg

As you can see in the photo (sorry about the shininess) we have beers from all over the world:Japan, Belgium, India, Thailand, Mexico, Germany and my favourite the UK.  A lot of people visiting us seem to go for the Japanese lager Asahi but personally I like Kirin, or for something a little different try Ebisu black lager.  

Japanese beers;

japanese beer.jpg

Of course everyone has their favourites but here are my top 5 world lagers!

Jimbocho Top 5:

No. 5    Chimay Blue - It's got a great aftertaste and is a bargain at 500yen!

No. 4    Singha - It goes perfectly with our Thai green curry!

No 3    Ebisu Black - It's got more taste than the usual Japanese lagers but is easy to drink (even for girls like me!!)

No 2    Bass Pale Ale - It's from the UK, which means it must be good!  I'm slowly trying to introduce this beer to Japan so please help me out!

No 1    Kirin Ichiban Shibori - It's really easy to drink and has a good aftertaste, it also goes really well with our mixed nuts or sat underneath the Cherry Trees!

So there is my top ten, come and try our world beers and tell us which is your favourite.  

Lynsey (Jimbocho)

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There are some people who love Roppongi a little too much...

Lynsey 15

Posted by: Lynsey

Here in Tokyo it has been a strange few days weather-wise.  Yesterday was 21 degrees (a British summer!) and tomorrow it is going to snow...  I never know what kind of clothes to wear in the morning!  If you are coming to see us soon I recommend you pack some warm clothes just in case it gets cold again.

I wanted to tell you about a challenge we were set last Wednesday evening at about 8pm, a customer asked me an interesting question.  He had been searching for a T-shirt with "Roppongi" written all for the entire duration of his stay and couldn't find one so together after much searching on the internet and a couple of phone calls, the final one to Don Quixote in Roppongi, we found one!  He set off and came back about an hour later with this T-shirt!


Even though it says Roppongi in Japanese and not English he seemed happy!  I am impressed that he went all the way to Roppongi just to buy it too!

Of course if you have any strange requests or questions fell free to ask us any time, we always like a challenge!

Lynsey (Jimbocho)

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