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Takeshi 577

Posted by: Takeshi

ciao a tutti. oggi da noi abbiamo una cliente espagnola che aveva appena  visitato
Matsushima(prefettura di Miyaghi).
pensate che abbia fatto il turismo? si' un po,in realta' si e' recata per attivita' volotariata
per le zone colpite dal disgraziato Tsunami del 11 marzo.
Se non avesse distruttao le zone,in questo periodo ci sarebbe pieno di turisti sia giapponese che gli stranieri.perche' questa Matsushima e' uno dei tre migliori posti del Giappone(gli altri due sono Itsukushima di Hiroshima e Amano Hashidate a Kyoto.)
ma in pratica comunque adesso ci sono dei turisti anche perche' e' il periodo delle vacanze estive .
In Giappone,ci sono tanti posti belli soprattutto di natura. Non soltanto famoso Sushi e Manga...quando avete tempo di venire qui,sicuramente Matsushima e' uno dei posti da non perdere. alla prossima!


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The Imperial Palace

Maria 576

Posted by: Maria

Hello all! 
Have you ever been to the Imperial Palace? From Sakura Hotel you can easily to get to the Imperial Palace! It is one of the hottest spot in Tokyo. It was built by Daimyo Ota Doukan, and the Tokugawa family lived there in the Edo period. After the Meiji reform it became the Imperial Palace.

18th of May Jimbocho area 015.jpg

The gates are open for all except Monday and Friday. From here the Hirakawa gate is the nearest one and it only takes about 10 min on foot.

This is the Hirakawa gete:

18th of May Jimbocho area 017.jpg

Beautiful isn't it!

Until next time!

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Hitoshi 575

Posted by: Hitoshi

Do you ever have heard ''Bonodori'' ?
It is small festival which is held by each municipalities.
on this week end, many Bonodori is held on somewhere station, park, and shrine.

Here is a photo of one of Bonodori.
It was on Meidaimae station of Keio line.


You can find tower on middle of photo, it's called 'YAGURA' in Japanese.
on the top of YAGURA, there is Japanese drum, and it makes rhythm for dancing.
People makes circle they dance same motion together.
It is ever one welcome, you can try it !!

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A slightly different past time activity.

Maria 574

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

One of our guests here at the hotel was sitting at the cafe for quite a long time yesterday, and it looked like she was making something. The staff got curious so we walked up to her to see what she was doing. 
We found this!


Can you see what it is?


She was making teeth out of wax. A very peculiar hobby I thought. 
Turns out she is studying to be a dentist. They need to know the shape of the teeth, so by making teeth out of wax, they can remember the shape!

I personally thought these teeth pieces were extremely real looking and quite cute!
I suggested she should make necklaces and other accessories out of them! Quite original if you ask me!

This is the lovely lady!



Until next time!

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Korean Drama

Maria 573

Posted by: Maria

Hell all!

I have a new obsession....Korean Dramas!!!
For some reason I'm really hooked on them lately... I wonder why??

I recently saw a very popular Korean drama that has also been re-made into Japanese. In Japanese it's called "美男ですよ", but the official English title is "You're beautiful". 


This drama has some of Korea's most popular male actors/models/singers like Jang Geun Suk who is recently on Japanese Tv a lot. Let me remind you of who he is:


Ring a bell?


I recommend this drama to those who like love comedies and those who like Korean イケメン.


Until next time.

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What is your favourite Japanese food?

kuwahara 571

Posted by: kuwahara

Which of the Japanese foods do foreign tourists like best?
- a survey was carried out for this.

What do you think is the best?

Or shabu-shabu???

Well, the first prize goes to...

Of course, Sushi!!!


And the second best is Ramen, or Japanese noodles.


The third is Sashimi.


Do you agree with this ranking? Or not?

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Irina 570

Posted by: Irina

I don't know about you but I love cakes!  Lucky for me here in Japan there are lots of delicious cake shops!

There are 2 main types of cake in Japan, the first is the kind of cake that we all think of in the west...In Japanese these type of cakes are called 洋菓子 (Yogashi) and can include cakes and biscuits that we all know and love.


The second type of cakes, or to be more precise sweet things, are called 和菓子 which means Japanese sweets.  There are lots of different types, some are very plain and others are very decorative (like the ones below which are meant to be eaten with bitter green tea).


One of my favourite Japanese sweets is called たい焼き Taiyaki.  Tai means sea bream, a type of fish and yaki means toasted or cooked.  

305号室 鍵修理 001.jpg

It looks like a fish but actually it is like a pancake with sweet red bean paste inside!

Here in Jimbocho we have a great shop which sells really good Taiyaki!

This one is special because the outside of the fish is kept!

taiyaki 001.jpg      taiyaki 004.jpg

taiyaki 003.jpg      taiyaki 002.jpg

It is just around the corner from the hotel so if you want to try some delicious Taiyaki please ask us for directions!

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Ils viennent de France

Takeshi 569

Posted by: Takeshi


Les guest qui viennent de france,ils ont reste' chez nous environ 3 semaines.
le garson droite est francais-japonais qui parle aussi le japonais.
Moi,j'etudie francais maintenant ,nous avons parle' avec francais et japonais.
je crois que ils s'sont ammuse's beaucoup parce que ils sont retourne's
chez nous a' 5 heurs hier soir(matin) avant de prendre l'avion pour France!
Merci et nous espe'rons de revoir!

A biento`t


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Sonic T-shirt.

Maria 568

Posted by: Maria

Hello all!

As you know I went to Summer Sonic this year. 
And I would like to show you this AWESOME T-shirt I got! (More info here)
I could FINALLY wear it today as the temperature has been dropping these past few days. Feels good!



I had to cue for 2 hours in excruciating heat to get it, so everyone better like it! It also is my first music festival memorabilia so it has very special meaning to me :)
Suits me though ey!

Until next time.

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Takeshi 567

Posted by: Takeshi

dopo tanti giorni caldi mortali,ieri in Giappone e' arrivata l'arie fresca finalmente.
anche grazie a pioggia abbastanza forte.
anche quest'anno,ci sono stati dei morti a causa di caldo,temperatura alta.
allora un consiglio. quando viaggaiate in Giappone in estate,quando sentite
troppo caldo,vi sentite male,cercate di prendere acqua(se possibile acqua con sodio o limone tipo powerade)se vi sentite male dentro la stanza,accendete subito l'aria condizionata.
non sottovalutare il caldo nipponico! ciao a tutti buon finesettimana!

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